The White Aspect


© Fra Nefastos 2012

The emphasis of the brotherhood’s White Aspect is Harmony. Its members must be equally able to partake and act, and to listen gently. The living equilibrium can’t be unmoving, being perfect motion instead: The Thunderbolt, Flowing Water, Luminous and Creative Fire. We do not shut anything out from the beginning, but neither can we accept anything without inspecting it first with demands of empathy and honesty.

Celestial powers guiding the White Aspect’s work are Venus and Jupiter. The feminine Venus is usually working outwards in our work, while the masculine Jupiter works inside. The best kind of leadership is the one that seemingly doesn’t make effort at all, for when the process runs as it should, the control isn’t felt because it doesn’t hinder. The White Aspect seeks to open & utilise the personal traits of its members, which (paradoxically) is oftentimes best done when brother or sister doesn’t give overmuch thought to his or her own person, neither in the form of adoration nor opposition. Self-love and self-hate are both equally destructive to the white process, and so the White Aspect seeks to accumulate personal creativity in the form of serving otherness in those different works – sometimes occult and sometimes quite mundane – that are always needed when we are bringing the inner processes into the circles of society.

The ability to see and foresee both in ourselves and outside ourselves the reactions and their counter-reactions is very relevant in the White Aspect’s work. For to be able to work and interact inside the White circle a brother or a sister must be able to self-reflect and renounce both overacting and inertia. The ability to SHINE, to act intensively in any given area of life – and often by one’s presence only – is the ability that the member of the White circle must seek with devotion. The emphasis put to this should be seen in one’s ability to interact, and at the same time one’s independence and individuality; in the search of both true empathy and creativity.

Subtle awareness and gentleness are important instruments in our work. It is forbidden to use force in almost any kind of White Aspect’s working, but despite of this, a brother or a sister must be able to work energetically. The unity of Shiva-Shakti, equally creative, natural and beautiful, brings about the fundamental radiance of the White. It shines forth as a rainbow, whose many shades present the same meaningful life in different ways. The work of creation and self-presentation is always magical, whatever its chosen instrument at any given time – theurgy, philosophy, art, & cetera. And the life itself is always the most telling of its presentations.

“Hesperos, you bring home all the bright dawn
bring home the sheep,
bring home the goat, bring the child home
to her mother.”

– Sappho (transl. Willis Barnstone)

The White aspect belongs to the brotherhood’s inner circle. It is for the hermetist members of the Star of Azazel.