The Serpent Aspect

© Fra Aquila 2012

The Serpent Aspect represents a path dedicated to religious and artistic work inside the Star of Azazel, concentrating on different forms of work on emotional level. The core of this work emphasises liberation and purification of emotions through consciousness and experience that enables a living relationship between the world and Self. The Serpent Aspect embodies the idea that through work and cleansing, emotions, as well as any other sides of humanity which all have their foundation in the Spirit, can move the aspirant toward the truth and growth.

To members of the aspect Lucifer appears as muse, inspirer and lover. This inspires members, be them brothers or sisters, to find guidance to artistic and religious work in its various forms. This doesn’t require some specific skills or practical knowledge of art and religion as the aspect’s work especially manifests in the form of holy symbolism that can be realized in the wholeness of the world as well as in art and religion when they reflect the Spirit and its different sides.

Like a snake casting its skin, a member of the aspect can concentrate on work that renews and transforms: more and more clearly it leads to see and experience a Living Flame that burns in the core of the world transforming everything into new forms. Moment by moment we experience this process as constant change of life and death. Like flowing waters from the spirit it nourishes and gives us life, and like a flame it burns and guides us back to the wellspring. Practices of The Serpent Aspect are based on dynamics between these two tides and how they turn into each other. It also reflects the tension between spirit and matter, the self and the other and all polarities usually seen in opposition to each other. This tension makes us experience the life we live and keeps it in motion. We can also visualize this idea as two serpents coiled around each other as well as two pentagrams pointing to opposite directions.

The Serpent Aspect gives its members a possibility to various forms of practice that emphasise intuition and emotion. As an aspect it is easily approachable to different personalities and allows its members an individually versatile and active way to form and execute their practice inside the circle of mutual work. Even though The Serpent Aspect represents religious approach to satanism, we do not allow any fundamentalism or fanaticism that often have burdened religions. These two faults can easily be seen as opposite to and against individualism and satanism. Because of this, The Serpent Aspect underlines individuality and respect to all experiental and empathising religious pratices that are not against the will of an individual.

The Serpent aspect belongs to the outer circle of the Star of Azazel. It is open for all members.