The Stone Aspect

© Fra H. Nox 2012

Aspect of Stone is a department of Fraternity dedicated to ceremonial working. Foundational idea and symbolism of Aspect’s work are those of building of a temple; partaking the Great Work in hand to hand with structures and elements.

If our Fraternity and its work would have been based on material and secular attainment, that temple would be something we could build by our own hands and with tools we already have. But as we are speaking of work which strives towards greatest accomplishment, the attainment beyond all attainments, that temple is nothing less than our own being and a world which we build around ourselves each and every moment by our assumptions of ourselves and God.

Working in the Aspect of Stone is essentially about embracing and celebrating the covenant of oneness between polarities of Ideal and Real & Shiva and Shakti. With right intention, which means striving towards unity of Atma, Buddhi and Manas, we are capable of completing steps which lead and shape ourselves and world around us into ever unfolding, beautiful bloom. But just as tree needs dew, sunlight and commitment to the wholeness of nature in order to bloom, so must our work be committed to the holiness of elements we are dealing with each and every moment in ourself. Because of this we shall build the foundations of our temple in prayers, in sacrifices and in devoted actions, loving the Law which speaks by giving birth, preserving and destroying everything we know from deepest reaches of ourself to the borders of the whole Yugas.

The essential working method within the Aspect is to uphold ceremonial and ritualistic structure, which grounds the Fraternity’s inner Ideal to the outer points of focus within ourselves and world around us. The Aspect works through commitment to Shakti; the feminine power and presence of Spirit behind seeming duality of worldly existence. Because in the end there is nothing but one great Maha Shakti, one Goddess who gives birth to us, who raises us and in the end liberates us. Wisdom and Power are the realizations of Motherhood of whole existence.

Working within the Aspect of Stone can be suitable for anyone who can sense meaning in externality of Work; in ritualistic and ceremonial intention which is related to karmic dimension of existence. Frater or Soror to whom rosario in its endlessness of pearls is a symbol of hope; the tool of ever deepening path of completion, and who despiting the endlesness of those allegorical pearls wishes to perform his prayers again and again can tremendously help himself and others by surrendering to the working which is not motivated by his own cyclic needing, but the silent power and presence in nature’s own archetypical rhythm; the radiating all-pervading holiness, which entwines itself into curtains of existence in order to express its secret being again and again, from cycle to cycle at all times.

The Stone aspect belongs to the outer circle of the Star of Azazel. It is open for all members.