The Red Aspect


© Sor Heith 2016

The ability to experience vividly with feeling and empathy, as if a Seer, is central to the Red aspect, and culminates in the strong will of the individual. The Red brother or sister finds their place in the threshold between the astral and physical worlds; observing both but never carelessly falling into either of them. He or she may be a far-seeing witch, an artist, a wounded healer weeping for the agony and suffering of the world, a yogi or a noble knight standing at the door of a temple – bound by etiquette and correct behaviour – always independent, dynamic and never separate from his or her surroundings.

The very nature of the Red aspect requires a deep sense of understanding, responsibility and empathy towards the surrounding world. The Red brother or sister is a mirror, and each of their actions is reflected onwards into the world; like the stroke of a butterfly’s wing which on the other side of the world moves mountains. A tenacious aspiration, inner voice and sense of responsibility all relate to the Red aspect, for this aspect is not taken. Instead, like a heavy cape that burdens ones shoulders or a stony path leading into the fiery heart of a mountain, it is given to us. The Red brethren understand this, and they must never choose the paths of tyranny, injustice or repression; either towards themselves or others. Responsibility for others is highlighted because the collective energy of the entire fraternity travels through the focal point of the Red aspect as serpent fire. This demands careful and constant observation, as well as a purifying of energies and a healthy lifestyle.

Red is the colour of love, blood and fire. Of both difficulty and redemption. It underlines yielding and sacrifice as keys in the process of self transformation, elevation and rebirth. All masochistic attitudes must be especially abandoned carefully but entirely within the Red aspect, for they will lead the seeker astray.

The aspect’s planetary correspondence is Mars. This can easily mislead one into thinking that a war-like mind or accented masculinity are ends in themselves. In the Hieroglyphic Key of the fraternity, the Red aspect is represented as a cross between two triangles. It is the unifying factor between Left and Right, the Underworld and the Upper world.

The Red aspect belongs to the brotherhood’s inner circle. It is open for hermetist members of the Star of Azazel.