New Articles on Hermeticism

Two new articles addded to the article section touching the topic of Hermeticism. The fifth part of ‘A New Path’ series opens up the definitions and meanings of Hermeticism in Graal lodge and gives one example on how a lodge could structure its Hermeticism. Under the theme of Hermeticism the second article, a translation of Johannes Nefastos’ commentary on H.P. Blavatsky’s article ‘Practical Occultism’, can be seen as a peek on how Blavatskian Theosophy seeked to prepare individuals for something reminiscent of Hermeticism.

January’s article update: Sexuality of an Occultist

A new translation article on sexuality is finally available in the article section. The dialogue on Sexuality of an Occultist brings out different factors, notions, and relations between principles and practice, an occultist will probably come to meet in one form or another when the questions of sexuality become more relevant on ones path.

Lodge Information Updates and a New Lodge Announced

Recently founded lodge Salome, focusing on a new kind of international work, has now an introduction in the lodge section. Additionally Lucifer lodges English introduction has been updated, and the prevously non-public Chántra lodge, focusing on ritual magic with the theme of healing, has been listed amongst the lodges.

Second article for December

In addition to the more poetic text published on the Eve of the Winter Solstice, we have a new translation on an older, yet central text that has unfortunately remained beyond crasps of international readers. Truthfulness as a Spiritual Practice draws attention to practical aspects of one of the points of the Hieroglyphic Key – a central concept in the occult practice of the Star of Azazel.

As the Winter Solstice is Drawing Near…

On this Eve of the Winter Solstice of 2020 we celebrate the moment of celestial procession by publishing a poetic piece The Secret of Azazel on this site. The solstice is made special this year by the simultaneous Great Conjunction where the celestial bodies of Jupiter and Saturn align in the sky. From celestial to fraternal and from fraternal to individual spheres, we wish a meaningful day of celebration to all!

Article Update of November: Cartazon and A New Path IV

November has brought us the translations of Cartazon, a study on the monoceros symbolism of the Left-Hand Path, and the 4th part of the A New Path article series familiarizing readers with the Graal lodge structures and work methods. The monthly article updates, the year 2020 has brought, was planned to continue to the end of the year, but will likely continue a bit over to the year 2021.

The Article Update of October

On Octobers article update we get to read an excerpt from Cista Mystica, a book earlier published as a part of larger publication Fosforos. On the other hand we have the third part on the Graal article series, focusing on the rhythms and periods of the structured grade paths of Graal lodge.

The Article Update of September

In the article update of September we have two new translations, the first of which continues the New Path series and gives an introduction to the symbolism of the grade system of Graal lodge. The second article is more towards general occultism and deals with the trials of the neophyte.

Article: Lodge Based Society

An article concerning the lodge-oriented structure has been published to clarify the ideas behind the change, and to illuminate the criteria demanded from a official lodge. The text put together by Soror Cerastes can be found from here.