New Forums

The Star of Azazel forums have been renewed. Both English and Finnish areas have been brought under one roof with the old discussions and accounts surviving the move. Some private messages and avatars may have been lost in the move. Apologies for any inconveniences. The login problem that started last Autumn should now be solved. Problems and bugs in the forums can be sought help and reported from the topic linked below, or privately to frater Aquila or frater Smaragd.


Changing to the Lodge-Oriented Society

The Star of Azazel has given up its central management. This structural change took place on July 7th 2018. From now on, the Brotherhood will work through its Lodges, which function autonomously. The Chalice Aspect is presently the only common governing body, and it will unite the Lodges.

Both old and new members must now join one or several Lodges – Lodge membership replaces general membership in the Star of Azazel. More information on each Lodge can be found on the forums, or can be inquired about through e-mail – either to the common mailbox or to the guide of the Lodge in question (guides Membership applications can still be sent to the common P.O. Box, where they will be transmitted to the chosen Lodge.

Any possible questions regarding this subject will be answered willingly on the forums or through e-mail.

SoA books available to North American audience

The Star of Azazel’s lodge Phanes has opened an online shop for distributing SoA literature to our North American audience. As we believe that literature should be able to be read by everyone, our aim is to offer our titles to our interested readers for a affordable price and thus to avoid the absurd second-hand market prices.

Located in Vancouver, Canada, Protogonos distributions sell our titles to US and Canada. Customers outside of these areas are advised to order straight from Viides Askel, or from one of the shops offering our titles (please see our forums for a list of sellers*).

Protogonos distributions will stock all of our currently available titles; some of these may be sold out elsewhere. Please check the website for our current stock.


SOA at the upcoming COVENANT festival in Vancouver, Canada

The Star of Azazel will be selling our publications at the upcoming COVENANT festival in Vancouver, Canada. The festival takes place on June 21-23, 2018. It is possible to ask questions of the fraternity, our publications or membership from our representative during the event.

We would like to notify that we only can accept cash as payment. Unfortunately it is not possible to reserve books beforehand.

Notice: Membership applications

We would like to notify all those who send applications to us, that we do reply to each of our applicants. Please approach us via email if you have not heard anything from us within three weeks of sending your application. Unfortunate there has been some difficulties in letter deliveries in Finland lately.

We kindly remind all our applicants to date and affirm their application with a signature. Please also remember to include other necessary information on your application.

A link to our membership application instructions can be found here:

Please follow the instructions carefully, this makes the handling of your application a lot swifter.

UNSEEN FIRE II released!

The second number of Unseen Fire, an annual publication of the Star of Azazel, has been released. This book-like publication contains a collection of articles by members of the brotherhood with effective illustration. Writings on the second Unseen Fire intertwine under the theme of elemental world; in particular on plants, animals and the element earth.

More information can be found from publications site and from our forum.