Blog: Challenges in the Life of an Occultist

New blog entry ponders the challenges in the Life of an Occultist. Soror Heith writes how she feels after 3,5 years in the Brotherhood and points out some possible crises that may occur in the path of an Occultist.

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New postal address

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Star of Azazel is 10 years old

We know that the brotherhood’s tree has three roots: Will, Love, and Honesty. It only has one trunk, that of the doctrine of oneness and brotherhood: reconciling the differences, understanding all the different sides of the same esoteric ideal as much as possible…

Star of Azazel is now 10 years old.  The Speech given in the Star of Azazel’s Annual Meeting is now online.

UNSEEN FIRE I released

UNSEEN FIRE IThe Star of Azazel has released its first annual publication in English. Unseen Fire I consists of writings by members of the fraternity. Illustrated paperback, 127 pages. Priced at 20 € + shipping & 5% Paypal fee.

Articles from Fratres Nefastos, obnoxion, Jiva, Kenazis and Sebomai.

Limited edition of 370 copies, each hand – numbered

More information can be found from publications and from our forum.

Buy Unseen Fire I at Viides Askel web store

Fosforos published in English

Translation of Johannes Nefastos’ book “FOSFOROS: Study On the Being and Essence of Satan and on the Occult Philosophy in Six Parts” has been published by Ixaxaar.