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News #8

21.2.2013 The Catechism of Lucifer has been published.

News #7

16.10.2012 Presentations of both the exoteric and the esoteric aspects have been added to articles.

News #6

31.5.2012 Article “Why Satan” has been translated and added to texts.

News #5

9.4.2012 Lodge Kalevan Miekka is no longer part of the Star of Azazel.

News #4

12.1.2012 List of lodges added. List of book titles by Johannes Nefastos added. Minor esthetical changes done with page links. English forum opened.

News #3

11.12.2007 Links for printable versions of the articles have been added. One can find the link after an each particular text.

News #2

05.12.2007 Lay-out of the website has been under minor rectifications.

News #1

7.7.2006 The constitution of the society is prepared and signed.
18.12.2006 The website is online.
30.9.2007 Website translated to English.