To apply for membership, send your application to one of the official lodges of the Star of Azazel. The official lodges, and their specific requirements, are listed at

If you have any questions concerning the lodges and/or their work, contact the lodge or search/ask about their work on our forums.

The application for Membership is free form, but should include the following;

– Introduction and basic information; such as your name, date of birth, place of birth/current
residence and email address
– Why do you want to join the Star of Azazel?
This could be given as a presentation on how you came to know about the society and which
publication(s) (if any) you are familiar with.
– Do you personally undersign the constitution of the Star of Azazel, it’s seven principles (or/
particularly the “Hieroglyphic Key” (striving toward a loving, honest and wholesome
development) and the three theosophical principles?
– Are you ready and prepared to leave any political views out of communication and practice
within the society?
– Do you belong to any other religious, or otherwise, societies? If so, why?
– Date, place, signature and clarification of name (print name).

The desired length for this free form application is between two and three (a4) pages.

The old application form may inspire the writing and format of your own free form application.

Notice: Membership applications

With my signature, I the undersigned accept that the information that I have submitted is
correct, and will be collected and archived, as described within the registration document.