Aspect: White
Founded: December 21st 2020
Contact: Nefastos
Location: International

Lodge Salome emphasizes the delicate, light, nuanced, playful aspect of the magical Dance of occult training. It is the White eye with the Black pupil, love grounded with devotion, easy-goingness working along with steady heart. Lodge Salome seeks to serve the need for the international presence and make the brotherhood’s principles known, keeping its eyes on each individual uniqueness while dancing on the chessboard temple tiles of spiritual balance and beauty. In its work the lodge uses grades that are based on Baphomet symbolism.


Write a free-form application and send it as an e-mail to the lodge guide and/or acolyte: and Things that might be good to include in application are given here. In case you are already a member in another lodge in the Star of Azazel, you need not send again any up to date information, in case you give us permission to consult your lodge guide about this information.

Your applying information will not be used in any other way, nor will it be given to any third party.