Graal lodge

Emphasis: Chalice
Founded: 14th of May 2018
Contact: Fatuus
Location: Helsinki, Finland / International

Graal lodge has been founded under the Chalice aspect, and especially to the use of its inner, esoteric side. The lodge emphasizes the esoteric Christ: the path of compassion, buddhi and buddhi-prâna connection. Unlike the exoteric other side of Chalice, it is protective of the core even in its sharing nature, and the work has its closed side.

As the mythical Grail has its origin in the jewel on the forehead of Lucifer, so was Graal founded in Helsinki from the grounds of White work of Lucifer lodge. Thus it is part of the ”rainbow bridge”, and emphasizes the last sentence of the constitution of The Star of Azazel, especially the last words: ”we strive for the spiritual expansion of individuals and societies under the banner of understanding and love.” It is a purpose of Graal to present the challenge of the bearing of boddhisatva/christ, which must be accepted to the sempiternal ”esoteric esotericism” when stepping on the ascending path.

Graal is applied to by letter sent to the fraternity’s common P.O. Box. In addition to the general introduction and opening the current individual situation, the freeform application must include what the applicant expects from the membership of Graal, as well as the individual relation to the lodges emphases. The recommended length of the application is one to two pages. Two personal referees are needed. An acceptable referee is a guide of another lodge the applicant is a member of, or a member of Graal lodge, who is not a guide to a grade. The referees must be mentioned in the application.

Graal membership requires a minimum of one year membership in another lodge of The Star of Azazel. Applying to the lodge also means that the applicant accepts Graal’s hierarchical structure.

During a year, there are two possible windows for applications and joining the lodge. Periods of application run through 1st of January to 28th of February & from 1st of July to 31st of August. The accepted members will join the lodge on the solstice following the application period at hand, either on the winter solstice or the summer solstice.

Viides Askel / Graal
PL 209
33101 Tampere
fatuus (at)