End of the Small Cycle

The spring equinox was in many ways important to the Star of Azazel. Much needed renovation of our web page, much anticipated publication of the translation of Fosforos. Also it was nice to have brother Obnoxion’s radio interview here in Finland at the same day,  in its part bringing the brotherhood’s ideals nearer & clearer to the ordinary life of people.

The coming summer will start the next seven year cycle of the Star of Azazel, and it will be interesting to see what it will bring along. The first cycle, years 1999 to 2006, was about bringing its doctrines from philosophy to practice: What means concretely the bringing and emphasising of the philosophy of oneness to Satanism? The next cycle, years 2006 to 2013, have been constructing the outer temple for this practical inside world view. Although the work has been done in tremendous amounts, it still seems fantastical how much have been accomplished.

What will the future bring about from this basis? Will it be the destiny of the Star of Azazel to be hidden within the sacred earth, as a part of its secrets? Or will it be to shine forth to everyone who at the times of dawn or twilight rise their sight to the sky? This remains to be seen, and both of these possibilities would be good indeed. Both would bring the challenges of their own, the hardships of theirown, the possibilities of falls, with which it demands the clarity of intellect as well as heart to live and to act. For without these two – willingness to act with both truthfulness and love – nothing can be built to last.

Will we see an energetic, vital society that can grow to embrace diversity, at the same time clear in its core, capable for acting out its message of bringing individual spirituality to larger context of bringing together seemingly different kinds of truths? Or will we see those ideals, beautiful on paper, falling to petty bickering or one-eyed interpretations, humane selfishness or lack of vigour?

The time will tell. Whatever happens, from the viewpoint of the steadfast aspirants every possible outcome is a positive one, for a seed once sown will bring fruit according to the intention and not to the seeming outward impulses. But because of the larger groups of men, who for the time being do not see esotericism as the fundamental force beyond everything, but rather as sometimes seen and as often lost thread of Meaning within the obscure passages of life’s labyrinth, for these larger groups of people I’d hope that this new system – that starts with the most difficult and from upon its rejected cornerstone reaches to touch every one differently sensing sincere heart – would win itself more and more place in this world, where the deeper meaning still too often has to face that tired Pilatean thought: What is truth?

Let us ponder with care the answer for this rhetoric question, for maybe – maybe – that answer really exists. Maybe it does live as eternal, even if it would have to recloth itself for any new context and all new cycles of humanity.