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Of the Elements



Stone, that foundation on which we build. Planets are formed from rocks drifting in the cold void of space, a extremely hostile environment. Often it seems that nothing is as lifeless as a stone, but in truth, stone is absolutely necessary for life, because it has minerals.

Minerals dissolve into water. And with the help of air and a spark, say, a lightning, these two begin to interact with one another. Soon the water begins to change colour. It begins to live, to create new forms which soon begin to affect air as well. Everything becomes connected.

It is miraculous.

Let us ponder for a moment the alchemic, esoteric meanings of this life-birthing formulae and to compare it to the model presented to us by the aspects of the Star of Azazel. In here we have all of those key ingredients required for birthing something. Stone, Water, Fire and Air.

If we remove one key ingredient, the process stops. Likewise, if there is an excess of one element, the overall development becomes slower. But when all ingredients are present, new things are born; minerals, gases and other things which are invisible to the eye, yet irreplaceable to the development of life. Animals, plants, all need these invisible particles in order to survive. Everything begins to move, and at the same time, it keeps on dissolving, burning, changing shape.

In a similar fashion one could say that spiritual development requires time and those invisible key ingredients – which we here call elements of esotericism- in order to be achieved.

It is easy to consider one aspect or en element better or more inviting than the others. This is quite natural when one thinks about it. After all, we do interact with our environment constantly. In a act as subtle as breathing, we release a part of us into our surroundings, which then begins to interact and to alter those surroundings. So it seems only logical that we would find our place more naturally in a certain aspect; perhaps there are those small particles of that aspect floating about in us in great numbers and thus it draws us in. Or perhaps it is simple something which we need to in order to complete a new kind of particle, an idea.

Then of course there are those people who wish to go against the grain and choose an aspect or element which seems hard, even a little bit unfitting to their temperament. These are the people who have the possibility to most dynamically create new minerals (but of course, like in all experiments, the possibility to fail is at least equally large), which float around and become absorbed by the other aspects. Which ever aspect we choose to be our path in this life is all part of the great work. One has to have the sense to understand their place in the greater picture -a bit like looking at the periodic table.

In the end, all must be one. The uniting of opposites is a key understanding in the philosophy of the Star of Azazel. For this, each element is required, will and must find their place, in order to realise that higher element; a world which we forge real with love, compassion and a tremendous effort.