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Our New Chairman

Today, on the 7th May 2017, the Star of Azazel has been in function as a society for 130 months. Every one of these has consisted of intensive work. As an idea of the occult brotherhood working in the application of uniting the opposites in esotericism, and for the ideal of oneness, the philosophy of the Star of Azazel is now eighteen years old, and is thus coming to the age of an independent young person. The “Tree” of our society – its living, growing structure – has taken root beautifully, and has endured both storms and the challenges of daily routines.

This is a good day for the first change to the society’s chairmanship. Having been the chairman for the society myself up to this date, today that office is given to sister Heith. The brotherhood – as well as many an outside observer – know her as industrious, trustworthy, energetic, efficient and a creative guide. Especially in the parts outside of Finland; Heith’s ability to build bridges and help other members to find forms to activate themselves is well known.

I will continue my work in the inner group of the Star of Azazel. To leave the chairmanship as well as some other responsibilities to other hands is for me personally a day of joy and celebration. The office of a guide or a leader is, and it should be, a heavy responsibility. The one who wants to guide others is not apt to do so; a real leader knows the hardships and the problems of leadership, and finds themselves at the center of situations that are many layered and challenging. From this central point, they must consider all angles and proceed with a practical application that is best for all. Let our gratefulness and respect therefore be with our new chairman, who takes this burden upon her shoulders for the common ideal and the common Great Work, with knowledge and understanding of the aforementioned and its responsibility.