The Speech Given in the Star of Azazel’s Annual Meeting

Dear brothers and sisters,

We are here to celebrate the tenth birthday of the brotherhood: to take the Star of Azazel to its second decade as a society.

In its journey from abstraction to physical reality the Star of Azazel have condensed and crystallized into forms. First, seventeen years ago, it started as an idea, and three years later that is, two times seven years ago – that idea was made into first rules of the Star of Azazel. Four years hence the social brotherhood was founded in seventh of July. After that official founding, the brotherhood sapling has grown to a healthy tree with many aspects and branches.

This is possible because of long work done by many and also because of the inspiration we have been able to follow. Members are allowed and encouraged to have several opinions about the source of this inspiration, namely, the so-called unseen masters. Are these entities of wisdom inside of us, outside of us as spirits or accomplished adepts in flesh, archetypes, or abstracted ethical paths? This is a question that must remain open for the most. Personally I believe in all of them. Whichever you choose, I stress that this inspiration we must follow. In order to be and remain as an occult society, there is a demand of occult inspiration working through ethical methods of thought and deed both.

We know that the brotherhood’s tree has three roots: Will, Love, and Honesty. It only has one trunk, that of the doctrine of oneness and brotherhood: reconciling the differences, understanding all the different sides of the same esoteric ideal as much as possible. From this trunk grow main branches below and above, the colour and form aspects. Side branches from these form the lodges, and open communication forms the foliage that we need to live, to gather the necessary light. Even while some or other part of that tree will most certainly be most dear to our own heart, we all must, as the members of the brotherhood, to treasure it and respect it in its entirety.

Beloved master, in You we trust, in Your name we have joined together. Ubi enim sunt duo vel tres congregati in nomine meo ibi sum in medio eorum. So be with us, master Lucifer-Christos, and send to our hearts and into our communion the holy spirit that fills the life with meaning. In trust let us rise our hearts into brilliance, fratres et sorores, ad sacra mysteria celebranda. Verily.