Stories of the White Fraternity: The Path – Part I

The first rays of morning rose up to the dale beyond the far away mountains, each one of them spreading into their own directions like they would have been following preordained paths by grand and unwritten pattern, and let their essence bless the anticipatory state which followed the night. The earth sighed and inhaled the first breath, letting the living light to wake it from it´s slumber and carry it´s wisdom through plants and trees which aroused, stretched out and raised their sight towards the source of that energy, like pointing to the center of the whole universe. At the fading shadows under the mountains the last words from the ancient songs which were meant only for the service of the Moon-Mother turned quieter, like whispers carried by the wind, and then vanished with the dark shapes which floated back to their hollows hidden within the depths of the earth, awaiting the great Mother to rise again back to the sky. As the light grew brighter the darkness found its place deep within the caverns, where it could serve its secret Master and immerse into the mysteries which were related to night and favored by the children of the Moon.

Closer to the center of this dale was a river, which carried fresh and pure water from the mountains, created when light and warmth transformed the essence of the water with their natural alchemy from the solid whiteness into the streaming and nourishing element. The earth had raised it´s arms slowly with pain towards the sky and now regained these sufferings as the white snow had finally blessed it. Now the mountains – even with all their past suffering – streamed the white wisdom down for those who had to view the stars from much further and did not see the world and the sky as widely as their secret fathers which examined this view from their thrones at the top of the highest mountain peak. And how majestic those mountains indeed were, when gazed towards from their roots, they stood like inexorable iron-bound guardians and protectors for this paradise-like dale which continued to blossom with the elixir of life flowing from the mountain walls carved by time and carrying the hidden knowledge and vivifying element, which was conjured in the highest towers of the temples where the sound of lightning striking through time and dimensions was received and heard as the primordial, strong and righteous – limitless rumble. And how great, magnificent and marvelous was the work which transformed the hardest and strongest force into a gently and peacefully streaming energy so each and every could get their part of this lightning. It was the work of the world blessed by the love of the invisible Masters, and accompanying into the silent and cordial prayer all the plants, trees, animals, men and all the living in this magical dale thanked their protectors.

This was the dawn blessed by divine alchemy and magic seen and felt by the old wayfarer watching towards east to the rising sun at the edge of a small hill, as the dale had now wholeheartedly blossomed to receive the vivifying stream and the bright new day. The old man laced his fingers together, smiled, pronounced few quiet preparing words, closed his eyes and began the prayer:

Te adoro, te invoco et peto Azazel, magister meus…”

After he had prayed and made the necessary arrangements to end the ceremony of dawn, the old man returned to his simple camp and sat in the front of a small fire. A small bowl was placed above it and a silvery ethereal smoke rose calmly from it, until a gentle wind carried it away and let a calming odour spread around the hill. The old man removed the bowl from the fire, let it cool down a bit and drank part of its content slowly. Then he rubbed a bit of the liquid to his skin at his forehead, chest and abdomen, and sprinkled rest of it to the four quarters along with a prayer and bowed to north, east, south and west. After this he collected the ashes left from creating the liquid, buried it with quiet prayer at the front of a natural white stone, collected rest of his equipment, packed his camp and proceeded onto the road which led to the verdant dale.