Lodge Alder

Aspect: White
Founded: August 6th 2017
Contact: Rostiofi
Location: Kuopio, Finland

Lodge Alder acts in Kuopio, Finland. It was founded 6th of August in 2017. Lodges emphasis is White, allthough it contains the shades of Black and Red. Lodges idea is to discuss and ponder different aspects of healing, and also make different kinds of practises and rituals in the future.

Lodges meetings are kept monthly, and from the members we require participate them as often as possible. Therefore members and other people who are interested in matters of healing, from abroad are welcome to visit and consult us. Lodge doesn’t have a guide, members decide about the work together. Contact person is fra Rostiofi.

Lodge Alder /
The Star of Azazel
P.O. Box 209
33101 Tampere