The Aspect of Chalice


© Fra Fatuus 2016
© English translation by Fra Demergon 2016

In the structure of the Star of Azazel, the Aspect of the Chalice represents its life force, prâna. It encompasses the main being of all the Brotherhood’s other Aspects, acting as a uniting and binding factor. The being and strength of the Aspect is mirrored in the balance and harmony of different approaches.

When interpreting the outer work of the Chalice through planetary symbolism, it corresponds to the Sun. The Sun is the equivalent of the divine spirit’s harmony that, when channeled from the higher and subtler levels, becomes the base energy of our solar system. It is the cosmic foundation and core, which brightens up and coordinates nature, making it possible for it to progress towards the supreme goals of evolution.

The outer work of the Chalice is usually communication, organization and logistics in the Brotherhood’s inner and outer structure. The work of combining and exhibiting a common focus are the very essence of the Aspect. Members of the Chalice are encouraged to find their own path to the work of the Aspect according to their own abilities. Which form of expression this takes in the lives of each member of the Chalice is the result of his or her personal exploration of the spiritual Self and how it is elevated in the process. Members of the Aspect are also recommended to consider the meaning and possibilities of Karma Yoga as a part of the spiritual work. Ultimately, the ideal of the Chalice becomes a mythical connection to life, wherein the inner power’s resources open themselves up, little by little, towards the wholeness and integration of the Self on the spiritual path.

In the symbol of the Aspect, we see two triangles opposing each other within the chalice: the historic alchemic symbols of fire and water. According to the organizational composition of the Star of Azazel they represent the hermetic and exoteric groups of the Brotherhood. The Aspect divides itself as a cube between these triangles, keeping its place in both and acting as a mediator between both groups. In the inner circle it represents the outer circle and in the outer, the inner. Esoterically thinking, the Sun is a passage between worlds, thus in the Brotherhood the Chalice acts as a passage from the exoteric to the hermetic and vice versa.

In its internal work, the Chalice reflects itself as an Aspect of the Moon, where the focus of the Work is shifted from the center to the sphere. The force (verbum) of the Aspect is seen as a current of nature and the possibilities of temporal existence. Exploring the symbol of the Chalice within the contexts of different traditions may be of help when trying to understand the inner being of the Aspect.

As a binding structure between the exoteric and esoteric sides of the Brotherhood, the Chalice can be viewed as belonging to either the formal, or formless aspects: it is a concrete structure in which shapeless energy lives and from which it is poured forth. It can be discretionarily open for members who have worked in other aspects.

Bibat Ex Me Qui Potest:
Lavet, Qui Vult: Turbet, Qui Audet
Bibite Fratres, Et Vivite1
– Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz



1Drink from me who can:
Wash in me who likes, trouble me who dares
Drink, brothers, and live!