Joining the Brotherhood

© fra Nefastos 2006

We expect following qualities from an applicant:

  1. Active effort to develop intelligence and spirituality in practical life.
  2. Acceptance of the principles of the theosophic-occult world view.
  3. The ability to communicate with the other members of the society. This doesn’t mean we stress sociability, only the necessity of creating a consistent foundation for the work. If information does not circulate, there is no sense in unity within the society.
  4. A will to truly engage in personal and to some extent outwardly directed action, to develop the chosen ideals in both the subject and in society, with the purpose of thorough development of the subjective and social world.
  5. The ability to pay attention to the moral, ethical, aesthetical, spiritual and large-scale effects of subjects instead of striving for mere short term concrete achievements.
  6. The ability to form a versatile view from even apparently paradoxical ideologies, religions, philosophies, etc.
  7. Leaving all fanaticism and sectarian thought out of the activity and the communication of the society; in other words, an effort for truthfulness before pleading the subjective partial truth of a certain quarter.
  8. An interest in philosophical and ethically functioning satanism / luciferianism.
  9. A healthy sense of skepticism towards theological, mystical, occult, scientific, commonplace and even skeptical thoughts, feelings and experiences.
  10. Acceptance of the three objectives of the constitution of the Theosophical Society

The three objectives are:

  1. To form the nucleus of a universal brotherhood of humanity without distinction to race, colour or creed.
  2. To promote the study of comparing theology, philosophy and natural science.
  3. To investigate the hidden mysteries of nature and man.

Should you deem that you fulfill these requirements and wish to join, write a freely formed application and mail it to the brotherhood. Add a signature, clarification of your name, dating, and location. If the application should give a sensible and an enthusiastic impression of the applicant it will probably be approved. Other factors beneficial for the approval of an applicant are such:

The applicant…

  • …is of age
  • …does not adher to any specific religion.
  • …is not a member of materialistically and intellectually oriented organizations.
  • …is politically unbound
  • …has a healthy sense of dignity that does not include pride or its
  • …possesses the most important factor of all: subjective enthusiasm and
    the fire of the spirit

There is no charge for joining the society nor for belonging to it.