Invitation to new members

© Fra Nefastos 2013

Apply to the brotherhood with an informal application letter sent by mail.

Please include the following information:

  1. Basic information: name, age, sex, city of residence.
  2. Contact information: postal and email address
  3. Do you agree with the seven principles of Star of Azazel and the three theosophical articles?
  4. Do you have any political ties and if you do, are you ready to leave political statements out of the society?
  5.  Are you member of any other church, religion or ideological society?
  6. Place, time, signature and full name

All additional information concerning your ideology, belief, earlier
occult experience etc. is very welcome. Some notes regarding the above points:


The members of the Brotherhood must be of age.


Although we generally use words like “brother” and “brotherhood” to
describe the spiritual unity with the oneness, these terms are not limited
to the gender of the applicant. All applicants (and members) are on an
equal footing despite one’s gender.

Signing the basic principles

These basic principles can be interpreted in many ways, and it is good if
the applicant can also express an example of how he/she is going to follow
these basic principles in one’s life. If some principle cannot be signed,
it is probable that the applicant is not suitable to become a member of The
Star of Azazel. What the applicant thinks of the activities of theosophical
societies today is not very important, it only matters if he/she is
sincerely willing to sign the Theosophical Society’s original basic


The Star of Azazel is politically unbound and it is forbidden to promote
any political agendas inside the Brotherhood.

Membership in religions

Membership in monotheistic religions can be problematic in a society
emphasizing Satanism.

Membership in other societies

The applicant is obliged to inform us of his/her connections and memberships
in other societies, but there are very few societies whose basic agenda would contradict the
ideals of The Star of Azazel in a way that would lead to the rejection of
the membership application.

* * *

The person in charge of the mail of the brotherhood will deliver the
application to the aspect guides, who decide about the membership of the
applicant. In most cases there will be additional question/s asked based on
the application. These questions are sent and answered via e-mail. Based on
the answers and the application, aspect guides will decide on the
applicant’s membership and send the decision via e-mail. New members of the
Brotherhood can choose themselves either an exoteric membership (no aspect)
or any of the formal aspects of the Brotherhood. The only absolute
obligation to exoteric members is to send an annual review that will
clarify whether the member still finds the Brotherhood as a suitable
surrounding. More activity is expected from the aspect members. Membership
of the society is free of charge.