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Modern occultism and spirituality in general emphasize the idea that we’re living on the watershed. The old and the new age are at the crossroads and traditional schools have to face the new winds that often seem to contradict the old ways of spirituality. The old model of forcing individuals into certain mould and unilateral process might have been suitable ways of development in the past but they don’t work any more, as spiritual processes can no longer be at the mercy of such forcing and strictness as individual will holds the key role in the spiritual growth.

Nowadays people often have a habit of taking influences from here and there and feel the need to avoid being engaged only into one kind of tradition or spiritual community. Many times these people are criticised of ”spiritual shopping” or superficiality. Usually this criticism rises from persons attached to some special path of spiritual tradition that they feel is the right one for themselves, and hence should be for everyone else too. However, considering todays greater need for individuality, there lies a bigger danger in forcing oneself to assimilate into inconvenient spiritual groups and their habits, than taking one’s own way choosing the views and practises that serve one’s own purpose and abandon those that do not feel right. It might seem superficial to some but it allows a greater individual freedom.

In certain phases on the path it is essential not to be part of any spiritual society and only aspire toward individual and independent intelligence and insight. In my own case the phase was made even more remarkable by my experiences of different spiritual groups and societies that I tried to get in contact with, getting only little supportive results. Some reasons for this might have been my inability to find communion, my pride or other personal problem. Yet I believe it was only appropriate to end up to individual progress. I remember hearing from different people that enlightenment and spiritual development is impossible without a guru or master. Often it seemed these people themselves were willing to become spiritual mentors and tell others how enlightenment or whatever could be achieved. From many yoga and meditation groups I got impression that the followers of that certain path thought it was the only possible way to find anything I was searching. Some of the instructions I received from these groups were downright ridiculous or otherwise inessential. Usually the one thing common to them was that the instructions were given by some ”great master” and that’s why they should be followed. Of course it’s allowed to do that if that is one’s will. The problem is that it is easy to believe all the speech about the one right way if ones individuality and inner voice have not yet been developed enough. I believe that only after one’s own individuality is more developed it is possible to be part of any society without too much risk of doing something against yourself and your purpose.

Similar negative experiences, like mentioned above, are quite usual and they give hint of how some of the old and traditional ways might get too absolute and blind to the challenges of today. On the other hand it also helps some people find more personal ways of progress – for those who carry the flame of the new, more individual, luciferian time in their hearts will not stay within those narrow frames. And then the frames only become fuel for even greater flame to burn.

Symbolism of the Lucifer Lodge: Rainbow and the Essence of Light

The article series dealing with the symbolism of the Star of Azazel, and specifically of the Lucifer Lodge, begins with a text contemplating the meanings of rainbow and light. These both have been addressed in many vivid contexts and they truly are important symbols in occultism, although their depth isn’t always fully understood.

The most common view is that the rainbow is the union between man and God; heaven and earth; man’s lower, personal constitution and the higher self. The unity of different elements can be seen in the rainbow as it is comprised of a projection of water and light (fire) as it ascends to the heavens when viewed from Earth. Rainbow is also Antahkarana, the rainbow bridge that leads man’s Luciferian intellect and self-awareness, Manas, to ever-higher divinity. And just like the rainbow, Antahkarana is unreachable through worldly manners and deeds. It eludes the one who tries to reach it through action, since it can only be approached through spiritual efforts.

The seven foundational rays and colours of humanity are visible in the rainbow. They emanate from the original light and energy, manifesting just like they do in the human chakra system. However, when viewed from Earth, the colours appear upside-down when compared to the chakra system, in which they traditionally begin from the bottom with red and up to purple. However, this is not the case when viewed from above, as rainbow then appears as a circle with its colours forming a halo; the inmost colour being purple and the outmost being red. This expresses the inner connection of physical and less-physical both in man and the macrocosm: the dense parts settle in the outer ring and the less-physical in the middle. Outside of these two observable extremes is a spectrum of manifestations invisible to man: the physical end, which can’t be consciously reached by senses in their normal state, and the invisible reaches of spirituality. Each of these and everything in between exist on the same spectre, even though it isn’t visible to the naked eye. Whiteness and light shine to the universe in every one of these shades, radiating every colour out of itself while keeping darkness, the unmanifested spiritual perfection, at its core.

Traditionally, rainbow has also been interpreted as the thunder god’s (e.g. Jupiter, Indra, Ukko) bow. Also, just as noted earlier, rainbow is the bridge of Venus-Lucifer, Manas, the purest self-awareness to reach towards the middle point, the mutual source of existence of every living being. This duality, in the sense of energy reaching from the center to the outer circles, can also be seen as Jupiter’s or Indra’s lightning, vajra, which electrifies and puts physical matter in motion. While rainbow can be seen as energy traversing in two directions, vajra also shares this duality: in addition to the lightning, it also is a diamond, man’s solid, divine self and consciousness. It is Manas, which like a diamond, cuts through everything, but is so dense itself that it cannot be cut or divided. It’s the crown that Lucifer sets on the rainbow, the power he has given to us; misinterpreted as a fall, and more correctly seen as lightning flashing from the sky toward earth.

What should be determined from all this? The rainbow symbolizes the oneness of everything manifested and unmanifested. It expresses every one of the rays both together and separated, and especially those which are important to human life, even though it’s only a fraction of everything that exist. They are levels in which the consciousness can traverse, and from which everything is manifestable by it for any period of time. None of these shades is in the wrong place. They’re all in harmonic order. Only through misguided action can we abandon one of its aspects, just like we’ve witnessed with misguided religions and our own misguided actions in the past and present. Still, this wholeness is available and examinable to us, limited only by our capability to comprehend our possibilities towards it. We do not embody just one of those rays. In actuality, the one ray we radiate outward includes the others, which we, for one reason or another, haven’t chosen to emphasize at the moment. This is the reason we can also say that light, the oneness and source of all colours, envelopes darkness, and that darkness, too, contains only the most perfect light of all.