Aspect: White
Founded: October 14th 2011
Contact: Astraya
Location: Helsinki, Finland

Lucifer is the first one of the lodges of the Star of Azazel. It has been founded in Helsinki, October 14 2011.

The colour emphasis of the lodge is White: the colour which finds its correspondence in Lucifer, the Lightbringer, who is the Venus as the morning star. White emphases in its work beauty, purity, brightness and unifications. The basic idea behind the lodge Lucifer is ”to spiritually unite under the banner of understanding and love” (– Constitution of the Star of Azazel) not only the different forms of esotericism, but also exoteric culture to the esotericism, and vice versa. Lodge Lucifer is interested in culture as a part of esoteric, humane, universal strive for spiritualization and ensouling.

In this work lodge Lucifer is cosmopolite instead of being introverted, and it seeks to organize also discussions and reading groups that are open also to outsiders. Yet regardless of this policy of openness, activity of the lodge is always foremostly focused into the esoteric working in the Star of Azazel, and will function only under the brotherhood ethics. Cultural and societal constructions are included only on terms of esotericism, not the other way around.

The lodge meets once a month in Helsinki. Meetings are held in weekends, and members must sign up for them in advance. Visitors from the other lodges or outside the Star of Azazel are welcome on discretion. Ask about the possibility of visiting the meetings from the guides beforehand.

Lodge is guided by sor Astraya.

* * *

The meditative emblem for the lodge is the following: Angel Lucifer bows down to place his bright crown on the rainbow bridge that connects the worlds of men and divine beings, in order to serve the highest truth and the deepest meaning (“the One God“) through helping of the humankind.

* * *

Membership: applications are sent via e-mail. See the common instructions here. There is no demand for the members to be present in the meetings, but completely passive members can be expelled. 18 years of age and ethical and spiritual idealism of the Star of Azazel is required from all applicants. For the upkeep of our lodge premises, a membership fee has been set to 10 euros per month. A possible sum of aid is left for the judgement of the member.