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Post by Nefastos »

Since only the staff can see your introduction from registration, please introduce yourself here to the others.

* * *

I am Johannes Nefastos, working mostly with the White or Luciferian aspect of the brotherhood. I'm living in Helsinki, Finland. My original occult upbringing comes from Helena Blavatsky & Pekka Ervast, who was a Finn Rosicrucian theosophist. Of the religions, Hinduism and - in some weird & unorthodox way - Catholicism come closest to my heart. I like birds & coffee, and some other things which might come up later. Sun sign: Taurus.

I think that the work of Spirit - and for me that means the essence of Meaning, Love and Intelligence all together - is the most important, & actually the only important thing one can do. It's no use living at all if we won't put our innermost soul wholly to that living.
Faust: "Lo contempla. / Ei muove in tortuosa spire / e s'avvicina lento alla nostra volta. / Oh! se non erro, / orme di foco imprime al suol!"
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Re: Introductions

Post by Fomalhaut »


I am Fomalhaut (Gökhan) and I am at the Grey Aspect and working with the Lucifer Lodge of the Brotherhood. I live in Helsinki, I was living in Lahti before, I moved to Helsinki last September. I am originally from Turkey and I have been living in Finland since April 2008. I think I am the only foreign member of the Fraternity.

I am shortly interested in everything, I do not want to limit myself with anything. If even there is any information that represents something that does not suit me, I believe that there can still be things to learn out of it. Nowadays I mostly read books from different Left Hand Path resources and I also read Gnostic texts. I am also interested in Qabalah. I love nature, animals (mostly dogs and cats). I sing for different Death/Black Metal bands in Finland. Music, especially Black & Death Metal have very remarkable and important place in my life. Additionally, I really love and listen to flamenco and classical music. Sun sign: Leo.

I believe that we should have the Love for the Spirit and this can happen by understanding who we really are and what we really are. Therefore,honesty is one of the most important keys for understanding our Trueselves.
"I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become."
— C.G. Jung
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Re: Introductions

Post by obnoxion »

My name is obnoxion. I'm from Finland, and I have been a member since 2007. I am very much involved with our Black Aspect.
One day of Brahma has 14 Indras; his life has 54 000 Indras. One day of Vishnu is the lifetime of Brahma. The lifetime of Vishnu is one day of Shiva.
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Re: Introductions

Post by Absconditus »

Greetings, everyone!

I am a part of the White Aspect and the Lucifer Lodge. I live here in Helsinki as well. Currently I'm a bit busy in the "material world", since I'm studying and working at the same time.

I've been a member of the brotherhood only for about half a year, but I've been following the Star of Azazel more or less actively since 2006, in the midst of discovering what my path really was. I've been a satanist since the age of 15. Gradually I broadened my perspective from LaVeyan beliefs to theistic satanism and from there to the current form of a more all-encompassing occultism. The most influential occult writers for me have been Nefastos and Blavatsky. Religion-wise, Hinduism and Buddhism seem to resonate with my heart the best.

I enjoy writing, making music and creating different forms of visual art, but sadly there's only so much time.
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Re: Introductions

Post by Wyrmfang »

I´m a 26-year-old man (sun sign is aries), post-graduate student of philosophy in University of Jyväskylä, member of the fraternity since 2007. I belong to red aspect but I have also strong tendencies towards the other aspects.

I consider my earlier life (childhood and teen age) rather tormenting. No concrete violence or such things were present, but I had created some severe problems by cultivating intelligence to such extent, that other important features of life were largely suppressed. I think this is rather typical for sensitive but "passively aggressive" men today.

This was of course not only negative because I think I have reached that way some important understanding on topics such as "the problem of evil" and nature of death and Satan. While I now proceed towards more active working methods, I still have a firm basis in a submissive ideal of Total Death. Concretely I am working besides the fraternity with my doctoral thesis, which deals with a metaphysical conception of evil and the problem of evil especially in philosophy of german idealists Kant, Schelling, Hegel and Schopenhauer.

Besides thinking, reading, writing and occult work I keep my physical health up with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I´m also deeply involved in several musical projects which mostly deal with the darker aspects of life.

Re: Introductions

Post by Lux »


I'm a 30 years old family man. I live in south east Finland. Sun sign is Cancer. I am one of the founding members of The Star of Azazel and I am in a red aspect.

I would describe myself and my own heretic brand of satanism as a mixture of a "Catholic Heathen(ism)" and a Luciferian Gnostic(ism), the first especially in the sense of universality and the unity of different traditional forms (=catholicism). My main interests in the field of esotericism are nowadays the esoteric northern traditions, shamanism, and the indo-european traditions in general, yet I study very widely all the possible fields of esotericism, magic and the occult.

I practice music, painting, writing, and various forms of physical exercise (running, skiing, strength training, martial arts etc.). I like animals and nature alot, humans - including myself - I have learnt to bear with and even love quite lately in my life.

I converse eagerly upon topics that interest me. From now on I look forward to having some interesting conversations with foreign people and men & women abroad here. In due time I hope we'll have many members to this forum from different parts of the world. Salutem!
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Re: Introductions

Post by Aquila »


My name is Aquila and I live in Helsinki. In the Star of Azazel I work with the White aspect and the local Lucifer Lodge. My journey towards spirituality and deeper understanding first started with Right Hand Path focus and methods. What I didn't fully realize back then was the inner urge for stronger individuality that was in conflict with the path I wanted to go. I struggled for about two or three years while trying to force myself into an ideal that was wrong for myself (of course that also caused me to try and force other people towards the same ideal too). Finally I got tired and spent a year with looser (not loser!) attitude. After that year I found out about the Star of Azazel and with the very first visit to the webpage of the Brotherhood I knew I had found what I had been seeking for.
Nowadays I'm mostly interested in Hinduism besides Satanism. From very early point on in my life I have sensed that there is meaning and deeper reason in everything and it has greatly helped me to stay in touch with intuition and go towards the direction that is right for myself.
I love music, cats, darkness, women, intelligence, wine etc.
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Re: Introductions

Post by Sothoth »

I am a 23 years old man originally from a small countryside village in the middle of a forest. Currently I am working in Turku (SW Finland) in kind of a hospital for elderly people. I also influence in Jyväskylä, Central Finland. I have a deep-rooted tendency towards passivity - I rather suffer silently than do anything to improve my situation. I often tend to agree too much with other people, but I have worked for this trying to bring forward my opinions. But I often have a problem to know what is actually my own thought or opinion, and what is not. :) But this is also a blessing as much it is a curse. I love strong inner experiences, and although life is full of suffering, I see many inspiring things in it. I appear often optimistic, although I am melancholic inside.

Femininity represents the source of ultimate passive evil for me, but it is also very fascinating. I easily feel compassion towards all kinds of people - even towards the worst criminals, and actually sometimes even more than towards the so called normal people. But I have always sensed that there is a very thin line between extreme compassion and extreme violence. In my darkest moments I want all people suffer and become aware of problems in their existence. This can have its positive sides of course; you can't progress in anything without feeling any suffering. But by this I don't mean encouraging any violence and unnecessary suffering.
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Re: Introductions

Post by Kain »


I am Kain (sign of Pisces) from Red aspect and Mangala lodge. I am from Eastern Finland and I am
nowadays living in greater Tampere area with my girlfriend. I was early working with Black aspect,
but as things evolve...

I follow left-hand-path emphasis with which adheres to the balance between the intelligence
and emotions concentrated and commanded by the WILL (atma). I believe that everything
is the expression of Will, and that emotions & intelligence aren't each others opposites,
but looplike continuum of the same flow. My current interest and field to work with
is practical Occultism (Magic, Yoga).

My spiritual and philosophical roots comes from movements of Gnosticism, Neo(-Platonism)
and from individual works of C.G. Jung, H.P. Blavastky and Aleister Crowley. Religion-wise,
I have close relationship with eastern ways, such as Buddhism & Hinduism yet rather distant
to Christian traditions besides Gnosticism. I had always been interested of the archetype
of Satan since my very childhood, and I have used many and many hours to study this
archetype due today.

I work with music and write. Currently I study audiovisual communication as a result of my
long interest towards Arts & Technics. I like movies.
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Re: Introductions

Post by Eradicatus »

Greetings Star of Azazel, my name is Eradicatus, I am 22 years old and I come From the US, Pretty much born and raised in Texas and been here for most of my life.

In the field of the Left Hand Path I follow Theistic Satanism and Luciferianism. I see Satan-Lucifer in a Spiritual Manner who can Exist both Outside and inside of this Universe for he is the manifestation of all and is without limitation. I got in to studying and practicing the works of the Occult around the age of 18 when a friend of mines noticed I was starting to take a interest in Magick and took noticed of several books he had that intrigued me, to say the least most of it was the teachings of the Golden Dawn and Aliester Crowley, which I took some time to study some of the books that was passed on to me and then got in to practicing, and eventually I noticed several paths and teachings becoming more available along with what options to take, since I was more directed towards the Left Hand Path I gotten myself involved in to studying works of various authors and orders that intrigued me. Growing up I was not really pushed in to anyone's beliefs system but I will say if anything other than being who I am now and what I follow I would say Buddhism, however I would prefer to remain on the path that I chosen.

I have some knowledge on Several philosophies which involve Existentialism, Nihilism, and Fatalism, and others which I am branching out upon studying. Animals I favor the Most would be Serpents and Felines. My sun sign is Virgo.

I am taking the Time to Learn 3D Modeling. I at times love writing what comes to mind and sharing it with those who take a interest in anything I may write. I Love several forms of Music but usually my taste lays in Black/Death Metal and Industrial.
Build not upon sand, but upon rock And build not for today or yesterday but for all time.
- Codex Saerus, The Black Book of Satan - Anton Long.
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