Methods of Return & Hypnosis of the World - Alleviating the Pain of Existence

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Methods of Return & Hypnosis of the World - Alleviating the Pain of Existence

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In the Poimandres reading circle there was a stumbling on the idea of occultists having their cup filled completely after a certain phase, and it seems quite clearly connected to the problem common for serious occultists to become sort of workaholics in their own league. It could be appearing as somekind of unrest, stress, feelings of agony regarding the existence in this world, and the only way to alleviate it is to answer to the responsibility one has been given in the filling of the cup.

Sometimes it is good for the work itself if we take breaks to gain perspective to the down pouring we have done. Sometimes it is good for the different bodies to relax so they can be sharper instruments. Sometimes it is hard to find balance between the work and relaxing and this creates petrifying of the powers, which is a painful to work through.I think that it might be the ways of relaxing that is important in finding the balance. For example, if I would relax by meditation that would reach a similar state as deep sleep, I would not have pushed the small needy demonic voices in to stagnating direction by napping or answering their needs by pushing them towards addictive behaviour of social media scrolling or whatever.

In this topic we can discuss the practices we have heard, or better yet, taken part of to return to the source, so to speak, or to observe the wordly as a sort of self-hypnosis to alleviate the pain of human existence.

I think observing the world and the creative endeavours there can be as much a perspective gaining practice as a moment of meditation equivalent to deep sleep, but they both serve a bit different purpose, and the latter has more need to be discussed as it requires Will to be achieved.

I've understood 'Transcendental Meditation' is a form of mantra meditation that can be used in this sense, but I do not have personal experience with it and I generally dislike meditation in practice. Yet I would be most delighted to find a suitable angle to such a practice with the precise idea of returning to the source in mind. I would assume this would be better than sleeping as it is done conscously and you could be better prepared to continue working than from the slumber of napping.

During one of my "self-hynosis" sessions I stumbled on a lecture of an Indian guru who talked about why yogis often die during their 30's, and it seemed to come quite near to this idea of the full cup, but it emphasised the yogis being present to the high ideation and thus in need of setting limits to it. The lecturer suggested this was the reason for turbans, to bind the head in a cloth to limit the powers the head is in correspondence with.
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