Astral and paranormal experiences, dreams and visions.
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When I play the piano, I often times have the experience of translating some sort of pictureless vision into sounds, and kinesthetic feeling and emotions serving as a sort of compass telling me if I'm doing it right. If I sometimes do philosophy (as in: try to create new concepts to make vague intuitions into something more clearly recognized and practical) something similar occurs. Some latent potential gets actualized in a liminal space between conscious and unconscious.
We might define perception generally as controlled hallucination, but that liminal state does not yet involve the necessary order for sensory experience. Thus, in my opinion it makes sense to call this sort of "visions" and "vague intuitions" extra-sensory perception. I believe these are quite common.
If we can accept this, one question is how does this extra-sensory perception relate to everyday perception. Personally I'm tempted to think that it's some sort of logic or an "algorithm" for the senses to express meaning in our experience, but this gets very fuzzy and abstract and I'm tired.
When have you had similar experiences? What do you think they are? Do you think this is relevant to magical practice (for example, feeding the liminal state with symbols in order to wire yourself for an experience) or is it just a curiosity?
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I don't know if I can answer your questions but I have experimented a lot with reverse: triggering visions with sounds. When i bought my first synthesizer that allowed for extensive modulating of sound I noticed i began to gravitate towards selecting certain waveforms and frequencies not only on the basis of how they sounded but on the basis of what sort of images they translated to in my mind. It felt as if there was something guiding me to make these decisions. The outcome was often not very musical but rather odd. If I was to make a track for enjoyment i would not select these sounds even though they may in some way please my ears since they don't really work to form a musical piece. Melodic progressions seemed somewhat counterproductive. More monotonic the better.

If I wish to trigger these visions I choose a simple four to eight bar progressions to help to create a sense of symmetry which in satisfying cases translates to a "zig-zag" or "kaleidoscope" (for the lack of a better description") pattern with metallic/prismatic color gradients popping into my mind. There's something especially meditative about it. It makes my thoughts seemingly slow down and my focus becomgs clearer and more singular. When this has happened i have often had moments of sudden insight to things that I have been thinking about recently but not at the time I was playing. Almost always these insights relate to magic and spirituality. Percussive sounds also trigger this in me. Analog low pass filter that can self-oscillate modulated with envelope filter and some careful detuning can basically sound like a bass drum. When i get this right it looks like a eclipsed sun pulsating transparent gradient prismatic light to it's surroundings. I see metallic hand bells radiating similar kind of white light when struck. If you have seen the movie "Annihilation" the "shimmer" in it is pretty close to what it looks like. These visions have also provided some uncanny moments of sudden insight and deja vus.

Might as well be that i get these associations from somewhere, I don't know. But there seems to also be a sort of red thread here. Im yet to figure this out so I don't claim to understand how this works. It seems that the less i try to influence the outcome knowingly the better the results. There seems to be these aforementioned kinesthetic feeling and emotions as guides involved. I often all of sudden feel that i have to start playing. There is sort of a emotion building up that i don't quite understand. Then selecting certain sounds triggers different emotionals responses that strengthens the visions themselves, makes them less transparent and more vivid in color. Together these sounds form a collage picture of sorts, a mosaic of emotions interlocked in dance. I trigger my synths most often with pads instead of keys to allow for a more percussive playing style. When i sort of "get into the groove" it also seems to make these visions more vivid. All in all this is very hard to describe in words.

Emotions are also heavily involved in many sigilization techniques. Basically you make a visual representation of a thing (sigil or some other form of image). Next step is to "activate" the sigil by meditating on it during a period of intensity (emotional or physical). Theory is that this peak moment of intensity plants or imprints the represantion of a concept, desire or wish to your subconciousness where it then starts to work it's magic. According to some it's important that you then attempt to forget the sigil for this to be effective. I think you could create a sigil intuitively with no apparent meaning, following emotions and kinesthetic feelings then implant in to your subconsciousness. Then in dream state seek this symbol and attempt to decipher it.
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