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Why is Red the only actual color within SoA system

Posted: Tue Aug 31, 2021 7:59 am
by Medeia
and what does it mean/implications it have?

Re: Why is Red the only actual color within SoA system

Posted: Tue Aug 31, 2021 10:07 am
by Nefastos
Very nice question, which can be approached from so many sides.

From the scientific point of view black is (almost) absolute absorption, while white is (almost) absolute reflection. What this actually means, though, is that those colours are like open ends of the spectrum, and stand for the lower and the higher intervals. Science knows that there are infrared (~black) and ultraviolet (~white) colours that we human beings cannot see. The rainbow of colours continues outside our limited perception, and black and white are also ways of telling this. Black is existential depth, white is existential space.

It is also interesting to note that from the Blavatskyan standpoint, even Red isn't always a valid colour in the esoteric context. In Esoteric Instructions she says that seeing Red in one's contemplation doesn't mean anything, and is just a physical phenomenon, which should be discarded.

It has often been stressed that each aspect, like each of the principles, lives in each other. In this way it is important for any an aspect member to remember that Cauda Pavonis of which I recently spoke of in our annual meeting convent. In that "peacock aspect" one learns to let one's all colours fly free like a rainbow resurrected. But this is not an easy feat to do, for it is seemingly contradictory to the m.o. of each of the aspects expect White – and White has its own challenges. Thus, in our Satanic system, colours may lay hid in a sub-aspect. They are there, most assuredly, but often the Work take us just the opposite way. To a coal mine instead of a happy carousel.

Why it is thus? Because esotericism is like a reversed reflection of the mundane culture of its time. And our time starts with the extreme freedom, of all the colours all at once. While this should be invigorating (and will be that in the long run), it is also exhausting, it strips meanings, it makes everything the same. Depth is lost, space is abstracted. To find what the real colours actually are, some inner journeying is usually needed. Of course, this can be very different to different people, who understand colours (both percepted and symbolical) in a different way. And that's why this was such a great question.

Re: Why is Red the only actual color within SoA system

Posted: Tue Aug 31, 2021 6:11 pm
by Medeia
Thank you.