Brotherhood Prayers

The Practice of The Star of Azazel
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Brotherhood Prayers

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Azazelin Avain ("The Key of Azazel") holds the brotherhood's prayers collected from several different books and manuscripts. While our hands are so full that if will most likely take some time before this book will be published in English in full, it might help a little to give here the book's list of the prayers & other formulas. In this way one interested in a certain prayer can ask it to be translated for one's immediate need; and the already translated texts can be asked from one's guide. I'll mark the already available translations (or alpha-translations) witha a star.

Agape (Opening of the Meetings)*
Prayer of Azazel*
– The Hymn of the Great Mother (For Monday)*
– The Hymn of the Living Vine (For Tuesday)*
– The Hymn of the Messenger of the Gods (For Wednesday)*
– The Hymn of the Lord of the Throne (For Thursday)*
– The Hymn of the Son of the Dawn (For Friday)*
– The Hymn of the Lord of Death (For Saturday)*
– The Hymn of the Prince of the Countenances (For Sunday)*
– The Feast Hymn of the Throne (For Vernal Equinox)*
– The Feast Hymn of Lucifer (For Spring's Passing)*
– The Feast Hymn of the Great Mother (For Summer Solstice)*
– The Feast Hymn of Sorath (For Summer's Passing)*
– The Feast Hymn of the Messenger (For Autumnal Equinox)*
– The Feast Hymn of Azazel (For Autumn's Passing)*
– The Feast Hymn of the Saviour (For Winter Solstice)*
– The Feast Hymn of the Black Prince (For Winter's Passing)*

Student's Prayer (For Studying of Spells)*
Prayer of Visions
Words of Healing
Words of Protection
Magister noster (A Gnostic Prayer)*
Laying the Stone for the Temple (For Founding a Lodge)*
The Ritual for the Year's Cycle (For the Birthday)*
Consecrating Marriage
Farewells for the Dead
Ecumenical Prayer (For Attending Service of Another Faith)
Benefico (A Small Benediction for Any Meeting)

Garment of Seven Blessings (A Preliminary Prayer for Ritual Working)*
Prayer of Consecration
Golden Girdle (Consecrating a Magic Circle)*
First Conjuration. By Primary Powers*
Second Conjuration. By the Dominations of Earth*
Third Conjuration. By Elements*
Fourth Conjuration. By the Amulet*
Fifth Conjuration. By Archetypes*
Valedictio (Banishing)*

Baptism of Naming (For Baptism of a Child)
Baptism of Renaming (Taking a Magical Name)
Baptism of the Courtyard (Ritual of Installation to the Grey Aspect)*
Entering the Temple (Ritual of Installation to the Chalice Aspect)*
Baptism of Depths (Ritual of Installation to the Black Aspect)
Baptism of Fire (Ritual of Installation to the Red Aspect)*
Baptism of Living Water (Ritual of Installation to the White Aspect)*
Hermetist's Oath*
Guide's Oath*

Meditation of Unity*
Meditation of Depths*
Meditation of Eternal Fire*
Meditation of Ubiquitous Light*
Sacrificing to Central Fire*
Taking Refuge to the Master
Absorbing of Poison
The Rosary of Azazel*
Gates of the Seven Fires (Invocation Prayer for Meditation)*
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