Death Meditation / Worship

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Re: Death Meditation / Worship

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Nefastos wrote: Sun Dec 27, 2020 11:57 am Might it be that we have the aspects of bodily and astral challenges presented here? For one temperament, the balancing act is more natural along the lines of physical (death), while with another, it feels more natural with astral (Satan).

What feels natural and more possible for each temperament has to do where one's point of inner certainty lies. For me it definitely does not lie in the physical, since I have always felt the physical life like a weird dream I cannot trust, and which is not actually "mine" to participate fully. The astral realm of subjective pondering, on the other hand, is something I can depend, and whose laws I can – to a certain point – understand and feel as my actual place of being.
I too feel like the physical life is a weird dream, but it's a dream I still experience fully and heavily, like a nightmare of being drowned in a murky substance. It's like being aware that you're dreaming but still being unable to wake up. So I feel as if it's a combination of the physical and the astral challenge.
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