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Forum rules

Posted: Thu Jul 30, 2020 1:55 pm
by Smaragd
Welcome to the forums upkeeped by Graal lodge of the Star of Azazel. The intention behind this forum is to offer a board for general discussion for those interested in occultism and esotericism, as well as for those who more specificly approach these topics, and life in general, by the philosophy of the Star of Azazel, or otherwise hold interest for such approaches. We hope the conversation will remain respective towards each other and open to move where ever the need might be. Let us avoid rhetorics of party politics, and strive to seek the truth from ourselves pierced by the otherness. The forum can be seen as an area within the courtyard of the fraternity in to which we welcome visitors, but are forced to guide those insincere in a dishonest manner to better suiting surroundings. Sincere striving to honest understanding under love is a requirement for noticing the shared basis as well as for meaningful discussion.

In order to keep the discussions intact and fluent for later observation, we generally do not grant wishes to delete messages unless the message breaks other rules. Thus we suggest to consider the public nature of the forums when you take part of the discussion. Ones own messages can be edited for approximately 30 minutes after posting, after which they remain part of the public discussion for as long as we see meaningful to upkeep the forum in its current form.

Strive for proactive conversation. While the forum is meant to keep the doors open for different kinds of questions appearing in the lives of practising occultists, at the same time we want to encourage every participant to seek the balanced answers also by themselves, taking perspectives of other participants in to account. This means that if a forum user systematically piles up the responsibility of a sensible conversation on the shoulders of others, the user will receive a warning via a private message. Avoid monologues.

Lighter topics amongst the heavier ones, like what music are we listening to or what books we are reading, are recommendable and even encouraged. They are excellent in introducing variety and, in a subtle way, might inspire readers to take part of the conversation, the occult group as well as educating oneself on matters of interest. But the forum has no room for discussing matters irrelevant to esotericim at length. Although we have a discussion area for art, it doesn’t mean it would be appropriate to discuss trivia at length of the latest turns in the soap opera The Bold & the Beautiful (soulful or esoteric interpretation heartly welcome!). Similarly in the Philosophy section it is important to try and build bridges towards esotericism and perspectives of other participants, rather than ramble, for example, about continental philosophy without a true intent for converging the different perspectives, understanding and occult progress. Such bridge building and converging of perspectives is a necessity for discussions to remain meaningful. The internet is filled with forums for different subjects, and on this one let us try to prepare space for esotericism.

Please avoid double posting and seek the virtue of temperance to avoid flooding and thus keeping the specific discussions and the discussion as a whole in the form of a dialogue rather than a monologue. Many of us feel the need to keep up with the conversation, and it easily becomes too taxing if there is dozens of posts per day by one member alone. Still we encourage everyone for active participation in the discussions. We can again remind ourselves of the idea of the golden middle way to help us see to the forum etiquette clearly.

Linking copyrighted material to the forum is prohibited. Samples, extracts and a small number of pages can be copied, linked or photographed as part of the discussion.

”In trust let us rise our hearts into brilliance.”


"We hope the conversation will remain respective towards each other"
"Let us thus avoid rhetorics of party politics"
Breaching of either of these rules will result first as a warning, and after a warning or two in the most, the forum user will be banned either for a time or permanently.

"Sincere striving to honest understanding under love is a requirement for noticing the shared basis as well as for meaningful discussion."
In cases where it becomes obvious that the forum user is deliberately giving misleading information (for example, an ex forum member who makes a return with another alias) such a forum member may be banned without a further notice. Also, any kind of adoration of the use of violence or the downward path will lead to such a removal of the writer.

Re: Forum rules

Posted: Thu May 19, 2022 6:58 pm
by Smaragd
The rules have been updated during May of 2022.

Re: Forum rules

Posted: Wed Mar 08, 2023 8:46 pm
by Smaragd
Rules updated.