The Enochian System

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The Enochian System

Post by RaktaZoci »

What is everyones personal opinion/experience with the Enochian system/magic?

I noticed there has been discussion of angelic beings elsewhere on the forum, but I'm not sure if these are similar entities (or astral beings) that what I'm referring to here?

I'm not so well informed on the subject and have read only one book about it, but I believe that Dee & Kelley never actually practiced the art or maybe they didnt even have a system for it(?)
But if I'm not wrong the Golden Dawn later adopted atleast parts of their findings and evolved it into a system. but maybe not with a very reliable background though.

Hopefully someone could shed some light on the matter?
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Re: The Enochian System

Post by Nefastos »

If you want to delve deep into this matter, I suggest you John Dee's Five Books of Mystery - Original Sourcebook of Enochian Magic from the collected works known as Mysteriorum Libri Quinque, ed. Joseph Peterson, Weiser 2003.

Dee used a method that was not so different from your standard ritual magic, which every practitioner alters a bit to one's own temperament, needs, abilities & possibilities. During those spirit seances of Dee & Kelley, his medium, the angels (i.e. spirits) gave him new information about the magical summonings, as it often happens when those links are made. Part of that information/collaboration was the Enochian system. So, it was made be Dee, Kelley, & the spirits they conversed with.

Someone not too sceptic might say that those kinds of received instructions are extremely useful. But I think we should remember that when anyone is in contact with non-human intelligences (actually, it even happens with the other human beings as well!) our own perception alters the gained information more or less. Nothing is stable in the worlds that are between the archetypical spirit & the coagulated matter; the spirit-mind is alive by itself, & our not wholly developed inner senses interpret things according to what we are (duh), & how much we are.

That's why I personally think the Enochian system as a raw material. It would require much personal work to be useful. That might be why the Golden Dawn said it was the last thing a magician should study, not to start one's path with it. It's not that it's so tremendously accurate & high, but more because it's so astral, partly subjective, & potentially more confusing than actually helpful. On the other hand, that goes with the most of the published systems of practical magic...
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