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Re: Lectures & Podcasts

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On the podcast linked in the previous post, Neal Stephenson, one of my favorite writers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAfdSak2fs8
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Re: Lectures & Podcasts

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There's a Zohar study going on in Youtube. The participants have some background in Judaism, at least one of them belonging to Hasidic lineage, so the cultural context they can provide is invaluable.


"We’ll be studying one of the more famous sections of the Zohar where a wonder-child (“Yanuka,” hence the name of this section) outwits and even chides the mystical companions with his profound knowledge of the secrets of the Torah. We’ll be studying the text weekly until we finish it - likely to take several sessions.

If you want to study along you can find the English translation we’ll be using in vol. IX of the Matt-Pritzker edition, pgs 245-296 or Parsha Balak 3:186a–192a in the standard Aramaic edition."

Here's a digital library version for the IX volume of the used English translation.
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