Star of Azazel as a Religion

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Star of Azazel as a Religion

Post by Nefastos »

For two different reasons – societal demands for structure and personal demands for keeping up hope – I have been thinking about the possibility of seeing the Star of Azazel as a religion as well as a philosophical system. This means that some important points are formulated as points of faith which one might take or leave, but if taken, they henceforth form a religious structure. (How fully one actually partakes to such formulated structures is naturally a question for each individual to answer by oneself, as we know from all the different religions. All the religions consist of individuals which undersign their religions' theological points in very differing ways and percentages.)

The first things that came to mind:

The absolute basis is the Triple Key of trying to follow the action based on truthfulness, love as empathy, and striving for one's personal best.

Then comes the idea of respect towards faiths and philosophical systems which share not the form or the details with our own, but which share that basic point of upward striving and honesty.

After these fundamentals come the secondary tenets
- from the Sevenfold Basis (including the important theodicy of God~Satan)
- the idea of mind that can endure, although changed, the point of physical death (i.e. the doctrine of karma, having to face one's both good and bad deeds eventually)
- the respect for balance instead of exploitation (of other kingdoms of nature)
- the encouragement to cultivate the Ten Virtues
- necessity to separate seeming or claimed sins (like the the eight deadly sins of Christianity) from the actual evil deeds like cruelty and manipulation.

When stressing the religious aspect, I would also add the Hopes:
1) The Hope that Love is greater force than Violence in the universe
2) The Hope that there is a sacred Meaning in everything that happens to us
3) The Hope that there is possibility for a human being to transcend our usual petty and ignorant state and reach actual humanity (adepthood) via gnosis and inner initiation

I am actually considering collecting these and similar things into a book in order to make possible the attempt to be considered as a religion. For so long as there is no organized Satanic religion bearing our values, it seems that we will face discrimination. That is quite understandable, since it is easy to dismiss anything bearing the name "Satan" because of surfifical fears and societal concerns. For a religion, such a discrimination would become illegal. (Which doesn't say it wouldn't happen, but we would be able to deal with it better.)

Of course I don't mean that every or even every other Star of Azazel member should be interest in such a possibility; the philosophy itself should not become converted into a religion. But the other way around: to form a new practical aspect for the more fundamental spiritual conviction.
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Re: Star of Azazel as a Religion

Post by Necros »

This idea strongly resonates with me. You listed religious aspects which emphasize the human possibilities and sacred meaning behind all, I liked that. It's kind of interesting that you used the wording of "Hoping" rather than "Having Faith" or "Believing". Hope is something we can have in the face of uncertainty, in this hellish existence we still can have this devout hope of meaning behind all. Faith, on the other hand, can be more easily understood like seeking refuge in something bigger than us, which we believe can save us and as such is not so fitting to SoA.
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Re: Star of Azazel as a Religion

Post by Smaragd »

Nefastos wrote: Mon Oct 03, 2022 12:15 pm After these fundamentals come the secondary tenets
(including the important theodicy of God~Satan)

When stressing the religious aspect, I would also add the Hopes:
1) The Hope that Love is greater force than Violence in the universe
2) The Hope that there is a sacred Meaning in everything that happens to us
3) The Hope that there is possibility for a human being to transcend our usual petty and ignorant state and reach actual humanity (adepthood) via gnosis and inner initiation
Seven days ago I wrote about the problem of evil and practical relations to it from the perspective of an initiate. I divided them in to LHP and RHP method both of which are to be unified. They aimed to answer approximately the same problem considered here on this topic, thus I'd like to offer them as a point of reference complementing the expressed need for the ethos of religion. If it isn’t obvious, the RHP side is here answering similar needs as the ethos of religion is here formed as a coinduit of hope. But I can see how different temperaments could see religion more as a LHP thing or belonging to both hands in a balanced way.

Digression in to The Problem of Evil (Understanding religious needs may entirely transcend intellectual needs and scrutiny)
The Problem of Evil wrote: The following two seemingly opposite methods must be united or the problem will remain until it consumes the initiate.

Left-Hand Path Method
One must hate god for allowing unacceptable suffering in the world. In line with the Book of Job this is a trial set for the initiate to transcend dualism on its most profound ground. To hate god places one’s own soul in to jeopardy in traditional Western mindset, but such a sacrifice of selfish motives must be made to overcome dualism. This ignites the human pentagram in fire, but there’s a further problem.

Right-Hand Path Method
In connection with the previous one, one must realise the suffering being's individual karma woven in to the substance of an individual. Thus worrying about the suffering of others in a way that paralyzes oneself or burns one’s own being does not respect the karma of others and their will to live and carry their weight (even if the said carrying is on the level of baby steps).* Failing to see the youthful mirth of lesser steps will take it away from the overly pride. Failing to see the necessity of the people finding their own way away from ignorance and blindness will prevent the initiate from overcoming those vices on their own level of progress.
* Part of getting over this problem is accepting the justice and righteousness-loving aspect of god. After one has made the choice of hating god, there must be found understanding beyond the one-eyed interpretation of the justice of god as something only a god unworthy of any attention would possess.
Nefastos wrote: Mon Oct 03, 2022 12:15 pm 2) The Hope that there is a sacred Meaning in everything that happens to us
Alternatively to seeing the religious aspects only as RHP attributes, this is something I am familiar with, my approach having strong LHP emphasis. In my satanism it is completely out of the picture that there would be no sacred Meaning in everything that happens to me. It is plainly obvious to me that in all hardship there is something that I could turn in to a step upwards somehow. The world is thoroughly Satanic entity to me and I can not find Satan in all its depths meaningless, much like I can not find meaning in a world that would have no consequences and no righteousness-loving aspect of god present in me and in the world. Again, remember these things MUST be first purified with hatered towards such a god. And if we go back to the problem of why human beings are build so ignorant and blind towards their mistakes, meaning the problem was created earlier, then "adjusting" this "mistake" I’m just seeing a even more twisted world where meaning would be made out of plastic, and there would be no real dynamics, no real truths, no sense in existing.

The world as I see it is summarized between the words of the idea of how an initiate shouldn’t think the world from the point of view of politics. This means that the steps the Master has set for YOU to find can not be found if you follow the will-o-wisps of the world. The same goes with the politics of choosing to hate aspects of god beyond one’s own limits: it focuses the mind on battles of power in the polarities of greater scale. No! The initiate needs to focus on things that will help himself aiding the whole and avoiding bad choices. This could be seen as rising above god, but in a humble way where one still knows and respects the god above oneself.

Five days ago, I felt again a terrible need to address the problem in relation to the problem of Satanism, which is that it once again tends to consume the Satanist in one way or another. This could be also seen as a too singular focus on the pentagram, which is the power pool of an individual in flames. This could be expressed as power-centrism of Satanism, which in turn can make Satanism a very vital point of view to occultism. But it can keep the problem of evil in such difficult position that the individual stays in a inflamed (emphasising the medical meaning of the world) stage, and thus the pentagram has all-consuming emphasis in the life of the Satanist.

We can continue on these digressions on other topics if need be. I was considering posting them separately to the Terrible aspects of God topic, and referencing that post here, but the ideas got so woven in to the idea of religion that such division felt butchering the text.

* * *

Star of Azazel as a Religion

With these syncronisities of thoughts, I think opening this religious side up even to official position could be one way of starting to answer these problems. For me personally, there has always been religious dimension in my approach of the Star of Azazel system, and more so in Graal lodge, where I have found space amongst similarly thinking brothers and sisters to ponder upon possibilities of fulfilling religious aspects of occult work. Still, I have rather thought SoA as a conduit for religion than a religion per se, although in official papers it might be necessary to call it a religion if we will embark on such a direction. Then there would be a religious aspect to the name, which is ok to me. Theosophy wasn’t meant to be a religion, but a key to religions of the local people. Thus, if we work with Star of Azazel locally in the West, it seems it should be also a religion if we would follow the impulse of Theosophy here as we did in parts of our fuondations.
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