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Re: Quotations relevant to the Path

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"--Santa Elena had found the life-giving Tree of the Cross and the other instruments of the Lord's Passion, which had been buried by the heathen in the earth under the shrine of Venus--"

- A well known legend here repeated in Dmitry Merezhkovsky's Christ and Antichrist trilogy. Translated by Herbert Trench.

The legend is an interesting one where can be recognized the mythical arcs of Lucifer-Venus's fall and the ascension of Jesus Christ to meet there, under the temple. The Harrowings of Hell being a meeting point of the emanation and remanation of Lucifer-Christos. The idea that this crossing is hidden always brings me back to the idea of Azazel buried under the mountain, or a ravine in the desert. In the legend of St. Helen the same hidden crossing point of the underground is located, naturally, under a temple of Venus. Both of these places reach to the pagan past of both of the monotheistic religions of Judaism and Christianity and the humanity at large.

In the case of Judaism the pagan animal sacrifices to gods of the old is still forming a link through the Yom Kippur ritual where a goat is sacrifices to Azazel. While in some parts of the West - the Christian world and its legends - Lucifer has taken the place of the old pagan gods. It has become the host for the forgotten and his name carries their powers of creation within the ray of emanation.
"Would to God that all the Lords people were Prophets"
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