Poimandres (Corpus Hermeticum)

Discussion on literature other than by the Star of Azazel.
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Re: Poimandres (Corpus Hermeticum)

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Hermes Trismegistos wrote:[32] Grant my request not to fail in the knowledge that befits our essence;
The Prayer of Azazel with its Latin fragment from John 15:7 and the following pledge by the lower self has a similar convergence of the higher and the lower entities of the self: "Si manseritis in me et verba mea in vobis manserint, quodcumque volueritis petetis et fiet vobis; and truly I want to purify myself and to keep in your word.". Like a snake climbing a tree, the lower ego reaches towards its essential core, and the essential core makes it possible for the snake to hold its form, streching from the skies to the firm ground.
Hermes Trismegistos wrote:give me power; and with this gift I shall enlighten those who are in ignorance, brothers of my race, but your sons. Thus I believe and I bear witness; I advance to life and light. Blessed are you, father. He who is your man wishes to join you in the work of sanctification since you have provide him all authority.
Here is again the bodhisattvic occultism present where the path to greater knowledge and oneness with Spirit is gained by using the given powers for the whole of the world rather than self-serving or straight forward selfish ends. It is an affirmation to the Spirit of the Essence that Wisdom has been received truly on a practical level. Thus the wisdom, the gnosis, is being actively forged in to the bodies of the occultist, allowing the created vessel to receive a fuller cup of gnosis and avoid being stuck in solipsism where its lesser or even seeming initiations has the unvary to often chase mirages


Thank you fra Beshiira once again for taking the lead and initiating this reading circle. The rhythm you chose for this served perfectly the idea of keeping it firm and relaxed at the same time. It was really easy to do this in such small bites and it felt like a task I could safely lean on to when having difficulties in other areas of the Work, knowing that there will be no great obstacles and I can just rest in the work. I will miss this safety. The Poimandres text has been one of the most easy to understand of the ancient sources I've looked in to and as such I deem it a worthwhile accompaniment to the texts that may go a bit more against the grain in their complexities or other qualities.
Utthavat wrote: Thu May 12, 2022 11:45 pm
Thank you Brothers Beshiira and Smaragd for the Work you have done (and for what still is to come).

You've been lighthouses for certain and have the awesome Power to light warming Sparks on this toughest of planets.
Glad to hear. I have not been sure whether we have been mostly reading these by ourselves or do fellow students have the patience to go through the text with us. A sense of hope passes on from your words, brother.
"Would to God that all the Lords people were Prophets"
- William Blake
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