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Astral and paranormal experiences, dreams and visions.
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Well this happened to me not long ago. I did the "Rite of Sulfur" as described in "The Infernal Gospel" during Sabbath midnight 25-26.3, it is an renunciation rite that removes all your connections and oaths to any divinity you have previously been affiliated with. Your soul then takes the Mark of Satan upon it, which is also called the Scar of Hell to show that you and everything in you from flesh to soul now belongs to Lord Satan. Soon after the rite lights flickered, strange sounds could be heard in the house and i felt drunk...for many days in fact...without drinking a drop of alcohol or taking any other substances. My head swam in this bizarre maelstrom and i heard this wind or similar kind of sound echoing inside my head. When i went outside to my balcony and watched the night sky i saw 3 stars directly above the house i live in starting to move away to 3 different directions...that was quite extraordinary. Question now remains, did all that actually happen in the physical world or did all that just happen inside my head. I suppose in the end that does not matter.
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