SoA Podcast: The Serpent & The Star

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SoA Podcast: The Serpent & The Star

Post by Beshiira »

I am proud to announce that the Star of Azazel Podcast is finally published! It is called The Serpent & The Star and it is closely tied to Lodge Salome.

The first episode, ”Theistic Satanism & The Star of Azazel”, starts off with some basic principles regarding occultism and the SoA ethos and background, but also ventures into the more metaphysical side of things. Thus far in the discussion are fra Beshiira, fra Nefastos and sor Polyhymnia.

New episodes will appear approximately every three months.

You can listen to the podcast on its website:

It's also available on Apple Podcasts, and soon it will be on Google Podcasts, Spotify, and the likes.

Also on Youtube (audio only).

All comments and discussion welcome!

Hope you enjoy it.
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Re: SoA Podcast: The Serpent & The Star

Post by Smaragd »

Congratulations on getting the first episode published! Eager to hear new discussions and where the themes of the episodes are going.
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Re: SoA Podcast: The Serpent & The Star

Post by gunslinger »

Just the other day I was wondering if there were any podcasts around SoA because I listen to podcasts/e-books everyday at work. There were none, but now things have changed! Very nice. Gonna give it a try as soon as possible. Thank you.
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