Near-Death Experiences

Astral and paranormal experiences, dreams and visions.
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Re: Near-Death Experiences

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Kenazis wrote: Tue Dec 07, 2021 1:06 pm
Aquila wrote: Sun Dec 05, 2021 11:17 pm Without knowing anything else than what you wrote, it already sounds something I can't even imagine. I won't be asking anything about the experience itself but have you searched or found out if there are other people who have experienced anything similar?
I haven't even searched for my attitude concerning NDE is a bit weird perhaps.
1) I never had any big interested for NDE (not in theory or as personal experience),
2) I don't believe humans can ever know what is/exist (if anything) after one dies,
3) All near death experiences (and other similar experiences) are never proof of anything (they are only proof of rare experiences, that can be solely some neuro-chemical happenings)
4) (and) I have almost zero interest for everything neuro-prefix things.
That is not weird at all. It's quite a common skeptic attitude which you'll find around the subject.

But like I wrote earlier, luckily we're not here to search for any proof about the subject because that is often among the least interesting things to discuss. I will not look at the experiences with any kind of skepticism, neither there will be not much about neurology because I have no knowledge about it. I will look at these experiences as if they were only real. I am interested in how esoteric ideas about the world, life and meaning of life (and death) compare with ideas some people have learnt from their near-death experiences. There's surely a subjective level to people's experiences but is there something that can be generalized to larger esoteric perspective? This is what I hope we'll be able to discuss in this topic.
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