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UNSEEN FIRE – an anthology of articles by members of the Star of Azazel – has reached its third number. The publication of the anthology was on this occasion overseen by lodge Phanes, one of the international lodges working under the philosophy of the Star of Azazel. The articles are of diverse nature each reflecting the respective emphasis of its writer. In this way, the publication gives a glimpse of various ways and tools to emphasise one’s focus with within the Great Work, and an occult society as the Work proceeds through its phases.

Articles included:

Integration Through Death & Dream, frater Nefastos

Four Hells as a Psychological Model of Spiritual Ascension, frater Kenazis

Emptiness Meditation, frater Kenazis

Esotericism and the Critique of Religion, frater Wyrmfang

The Example of the Witch of En-dor, sodalis obnoxion

110 pages with illustrations. Limited to 254 copies.

Pre-orders can be placed at the Viides Askel web store. For interested parties in North America, a limited number of copies will be available also from the Protogonos Distripution’s web store in due time.
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Post by Nefastos »

I like this conclusion of our Unseen Fire series very much. The Red (#1), Black (#2), and now White (#3) journals form together a great whole, which gives a good view upon different kinds of ideas of the Star of Azazel.

I consider the first issue being the most mystical one, the second more academical, and the third one – how to say it – a bit more light-hearted. Not that it would lack depth, but it feels easier to approach. And thus every one of these colour-coded journals actually depict quite well their chosen colour aspects.

In case someone has not noticed, the original name comes from our Prayer to Azazel:

Te adoro, te invoco et peto Azazel, magister meus. It is you whom I adore, you whom I follow
O Earth-Fallen Star, Bright Son of the Deep, the Eternal Flame from the Unseen Fire.
O Pentagrammaton, my Master, my Love, the innermost being of my soul!

The name was originally suggested by brother Fomalhaut, and I think it was a very good choice after the seven numbers of Hylätty Kivi ("Rejected Stone") which was published annually in the first seven years of the brotherhood, 2006-2012. And I am convinced that there will be another installation later, using yet another elemental symbol in its name; maybe we will go with the air next.

Thank you everyone who did this anthology series possible: Benemal, Cerastes, Linnea Eriksson, Fatuus (Frith), Heith, Jiva, Kenazis, Nefastos (thanks!), Nox, obnoxion, Omoksha (Mimesis), Kalle Pitkänen, Veera Kaamos Pitkänen, Polyhymnia, Profundus, Vesa-Antti Puumalainen, RaktaZoci, Anna Cecilia Schmidt, Sebomai, Silvaeon, Smaragd, Vanadís, Vipera, Wyrmfang.
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