Etiology of disorders and diseases - an esoteric perspective

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Re: Etiology of disorders and diseases - an esoteric perspective

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Segel wrote: Sun Oct 24, 2021 12:25 pm What do you think of the term "emotional exhaustion", these symptoms are common in those who work as careworkers ..

Can careworkers have the same problem as what we may have in prayer that we think we know what is best for someone else even though we can not really know it?
Yes, so called compassion fatique and secondary traumatization are likely occurances among careworkers and I believe it is very crucial to contemplate and implement one's boundaries - and strive to be conscious of one's motives for "helping" other people. Every "good person" and a caretaker has a shadow side. You can "heal" "the sick", so that you wouldn't have to confront the sickness within. You can fend for the weak in order to gain sense of control and personal power. You can be a benefactor so that everybody around you praises your unselfishness and goodness - and you can manipulate people behind this mask. I'm myself beware of "good people", not the average, unperfect fools (that we all are).
Smaragd wrote: Sun Oct 24, 2021 3:05 pm On the above mentioned article there was a mention of a similar problem to careworkers emotional exhaustion, which appeared on a physical level. Olcott was ordered not to heal people anymore.
In October, he awoke to find his left forefinger devoid of any feeling. His healing cures now required more energy than previously and the number of failures increased. On instructions from his spiritual ‘teacher’ Olcott was ordered to suspend all healing.

This is very interesting! I have for years contemplated on the mythos of Chiron, the wounded healer. To heal, one must have the wound. But it is a special wound, not to be mixed with any other personal shortcoming or trauma. I don't know what was up with Olcott's finger - like you and Nefastos stated, healing is a subbtle, energetic phenomena. You mentioned being vampirized - which is also a relevant concept in this context. I'd say that being exposed energies of sickness uncovers quickly one's own leakages and un-even currents. So one must find herself "sick" over and over again - to really be able to heal. In this sphere of manifestation, we can never be wholly wholesome and "cured". The fabric of the reality torns the particles apart, and torns the flesh of our being.
Nefastos wrote: Tue Oct 26, 2021 8:24 am
Soror O wrote: Thu Oct 21, 2021 1:52 pmI just cannot keep a neutral and nice mood in a world of violence and child molestation, that's all.

This is one of the most important points in the whole philosophy of the Star of Azazel, Satanism on the path of ascension. Once again I come back to those strikingly good Buddhist metaphors: one cannot remain in a burning house, or a field of red-hot iron. There is something terribly wrong in the world, and we must try our utmost to find and remove that splinter in God's eye or spine or heart. Of course, such a process is also quite a (tragi-)comical one, since the attempt is as large as the world, and there are no actual villains to hunt, but the problem is much deeper than that.

God is (in the) child molestation and genocide - this never stops being horrifying. I have stood before Him in a terrible awe before... It is just so different to work with these kind of things in practice. The house is burning, yet it is not. One cannot really heal anything out of resistance. But how not to resist child molestation, genocide, this living hell? For me, it is not easy. To accept the unacceptalble. It is the most subtle thing there is, it is the thinnest line there is, it is literally vaporating in the air, continuosly. But I myself, I'm not vaporating, I'm heavy and thick. And to embody something this thin and airy is reminding me now(!) of my childhood "sensory attacks" - although I didn't sense anything (more than slight nausea)... but the experience was that I was a paradox, the tiny of the tinyest and infinite at the same time. So to work in a paradox, to live as a paradox. It is kind of funny, deadly and exhausting.
Nefastos wrote: Tue Oct 26, 2021 8:24 am
I hope there will come the day (most likely out of this body) when I understand that violence & child molestation are karmic necessities that do not make the whole existence a hell, but I'm not holding my breath.

I regard every aspect of my own lifestory as a karmic necessity, and I do trust the other souls that they too now what they are doing. I just get sometimes confused about what is the role I'm to play in others lives. But it is up to them, as much it is up to me. Working with kids adds up to this confusion, because as an adult I'm expected to solve their problems which pretty soon lures me into the dualistic mindset. I have pondered a lot of education, the art of up-bringing (kasvatus). And I'd like to think that in up-bringing and education I work with souls, I try to remind them of themselves. But to regard children mere souls, pretty soon makes one a crappy teacher, a mother, an educator. Again... a thin line.
Nefastos wrote: Tue Oct 26, 2021 8:24 am
But maybe I've taken one step in recent years when noticing how unable people seem to be taking notice unless they are factually suffering themselves. I think humanity as species is so primitive still that we just barely understand that there is something actually going on that is not just my own perception, but there are actual beings out there who have actual deep feelings. If empathy would be applied to our planet, it would shake it to the core; but it seems that only way to wake up that empathy is... suffering. And this is another paradox of Satanism. In order to lessen suffering, people must be allowed to suffer. (Also helps one to understand Saturn-Satan's aspect of time cycles: this will necessarily take also a huge amount of time, not just work. Too hastily applied suffering will just break one down and make a person even more selfish and cruel.)
This is what I meant when I, in a one Lucifer lodge meeting discussing karma, asked a controversial question: is relieving suffering ethically right? I regard that Boddhisattvas made a promise to incarnate. They didn't made a promise to work in humanitarian aid. How do one knows the house is burning? It is by the burns of our own flesh. Relieving suffering is ethically right, but one ought to ask such questions anyway. Because there is subtle and hidden layers to suffering and to the act of redeeming others.
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