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Nefastos wrote: Thu Mar 26, 2020 10:33 am
The reason why I wouldn't encourage too much talk about these things is that so many people give too much credit for astral and other supernatural phenomena, when they should put 100 % of their attention to the Work, meaning most of all the overall ethical effort.
Yes, I've been there for sure. After I first awakened from my materialistic stupor, a simple remembering of a long dream felt like a true supernatural experience. I did place emphasis on ethics from the start, but I also plunged too deep into the subconscious in search of some kind of revelation, which I think is also one of the reasons I contacted mental illness later on, hereditary proness (there are schizophrenics on both of my parents side) and a prolonged use of cannabis being the other reasons. Now I'm reaping my karmic debt.
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Re: Astral Initiations

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Nefastos wrote: Thu Mar 26, 2020 10:33 am Astral states are extremely difficult to speak of using with this one only term. In my next Unseen Fire article, I will try to elaborate the term a little.
I agree and hope to read your writing about this soon as it seems people are often speaking about different things and using term astral.

And I would like to expand the concept of astral initiations a bit as it seems that people here are speaking about dream contents in this context.

In a way, I consider initiatory experiences when spoken as (lucid or normal) dream themes, to be able to _reflect_ the progress in the Work. But I don’t think them as initiations or initiating force themselves. But as they can reflect the states consciousness and changes in it, I still think they can be very important clues about the direction.

But if we expand the term astral to involve other states beside dream states, I think they can also include some initiating qualities. To illustrate what I mean, I share a recent experience.

I feel that I have very deep connection with one girl who is member of SoA. We had been discussing about the view presented by Nefastos about astral activities without being able to remember. For me this was a new idea, as I had just thought that if I do not travel consciously, I am just inside my own mind bubble and not really travelling or being active at all.

Before retiring to sleep I though of her, our discussions and my connection to her. I felt her presence while laying to down to sleep. During the night I experienced something, I had not experienced before. I became conscious about dreaming and speaking with her and other SoA members. But the experience suddenly turned to what I can only describe as a light experience. I have had these experiences in meditations and also woken to these from the dreams. These are never dreams but my consciousness is even more sharp than in waking state. For me they are experience of merging into some bright “cosmic light” and being one with everything, but I still retain my “individual” consciousness in these states. This time however, the experience was different from all the previous experiences as I experienced connecting and communication with the similar “light state” consciousness of this girl. We decided to meet in physical world. And at the same time other level of me was in the lucid dream discussing with her and others about SoA meeting and one level of me was sleeping in the bed.

I understand this might not fit to category of astral initiation. It might not be seen as initiatory experience and it might not be seen as being connected to astral plane but to something else.
But for me it was quite initiating experience and being in all these different states at the same time I felt that I understood what was meant by being active in astral without possibly remembering as all these were very different states which might not always been linked by memory. For me it felt like she (or at least some aspect of her) was also working as initiating force for this experience.

With this mystical experience I try to say, I cannot distinguish borders between these states and for me they are all “astral” and it felt like momentarily bridging/linking different principles composing my being. And I somehow consider initiation also as initiating or activating a link between different principles or realms that compose the human being.
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