Star of Azazel in media

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Star of Azazel in media

Post by Heith »

As you probably guess, most of the visibility our fraternity gets in media is in Finland.

However, as there recently was a short interview with Nefastos in Finnish/Swedish tv that is viewable outside of Finland, here is a link for our readers who understand Swedish: ... MUreNrFJvc

Please note that the language is Finnish, but there are subtitles in Swedish.
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Re: Star of Azazel in media

Post by Alraune »

An excellent contribution to the open debate on Satanism. Johannes maintained - as usual - a most adequate balance between the Believer and the Academic. He also used a beautiful and smooth mixture of certain academical terms and common words / formulations and thus made himself understandable to the broad public. Unpretentious, would be a suitable word. And of course also sincere. Short but effective in its purpose.
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Re: Star of Azazel in media

Post by Smaragd »

Star of Azazel mentioned on an interview regarding new angles to Theosophy, as the latter seem to gather unfavourable looks in the contemporary climate. The interview is looking in to the new English translation of Lightbringers of the North, with the aid of one of the authors, Vesa Iitti.

If I have understood it right, SoA is also written about in the last chapter of the book. Good to have more data on our philosophy published for there are many instances such references come in handy. There's many mentions and indeoth studies of SoA even in academical papers in Finnish, which allows a Wikipedia page to exist at least on one language. Perhaps an English Wikipedia page of SoA might rise up at some point.
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