For sale: Argarizim & Catechism of Lucifer

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For sale: Argarizim & Catechism of Lucifer

Post by Nefastos »

Surprisingly many people are more willing to pay ridiculous sums for my books used than to just message me & ask if there are any copies left. There are:

Argarizim: The Fall of Lucifer 35 €
Argarizim: The Fall of Lucifer, Iconic Edition 125 €
Catechism of Lucifer, deluxe edition 285 €


Let me know if you want an inscription added.
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Re: For sale: Argarizim & Catechism of Lucifer

Post by jdaniellucifex »

:D :D :D :D I am so happy to know this. Those prices are outrageous. Let me know if you have them in English. I have read The Catechism of Lucifer on pdf. Great book. Loved it. Right now I am reading Fosforos on pdf. Love it to. A very thought provoking book. I would love to have these and the one on the Fall of Lucifer in books. Thank you!! :D
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