A Distinct Dimension of the Psyche Missing From Occult Aspects

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ben Shachar
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A Distinct Dimension of the Psyche Missing From Occult Aspects

Postby ben Shachar » Thu Oct 20, 2016 7:16 am

There is one dimension of the psyche that has gone all but unaddressed in occult theory and practice so far as I can tell. It is just as large a part of our daily lives as ang other and causes the one and only truly free, instantaneous relief of the burden of the human condition upon the self. Its mastery is solely developed and weilded by thought and clarity of thought. It teaches one to exercise humility and also exhibit ruthless disregard at the expense of others and that aspect is humor.
While humor can be low brow at times, it has been know to be a behavior displayed in the most revered yogi's and so must in many ways be close to divinity.
Personally, I even experience a disproportionate amount of pride attached to my humor when I execute it properly, without effort. It us not a lasting sense of pride nor is laughter sustained but at times equally as incapacitating.
With so much serious and often somber ideas and focus that is required for true progress on the LHP, where does humor fit in? We must be able to agree that those who have perfected this art in our day are amongst the most socially poigniant and clever while still able to bring awareness to the preposterous nature in which we persist.
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Re: A Distinct Dimension of the Psyche Missing From Occult Aspects

Postby Nefastos » Thu Oct 20, 2016 8:22 am

I heartily agree. I have often stressed that sense of humor is one of the most vital attributes for a serious (pun not intended... or was it?) occultist. As long as one only dabbles in the occult, it might not be absolutely needed, but when that interest deepens, one simply cannot take the pressure without a good & eager sense of humor. Ability to see the ingeniously bizarre comical side, often Saturnine & black, in the way how the obstacles present themselves one after another in one's spiritual life, is something without which the aspirant's psyche would implode quickly.

Now when you mentioned the occult aspects, I started thinking where in our constitution of human principles the sense of humor might fit it. It is a liquifying, uniting & Mercurial ability, which means buddhic; and since it depends on both reason & emotions to be able to work its magic, it must be located in the touching point of kâma & kâma manas. Curiously enough, that is the precise point in a human being where the deepest challenge lies, where the downward path can be taken in earnest, and the challenge of which the applying of buddhi is the answer.
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Re: A Distinct Dimension of the Psyche Missing From Occult Aspects

Postby Heith » Thu Oct 20, 2016 2:23 pm

Coincidentally only a few days ago I reminded a fellow occultist to remember to keep a sense of humour in their lives because without it the work easily turns into some kind of inflexible and rigid labour. It is rather important to take everything very seriously (aka responsibly), but at the same time humorously. Then exactly what Nefastos mentioned, that "bizarre comical side" can be approached correctly.

I think also this can be seen in some forms of occultism (and here I will say no names or schools :) ) who take themselves so seriously that it turns unintentionally rather comical.
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Re: A Distinct Dimension of the Psyche Missing From Occult Aspects

Postby Invitus » Thu Oct 20, 2016 9:53 pm

I agree with the importance of humor fully. The only fields of "spirituality", where I've found humor to be present so far, are chaos magick, and it's awkward, (yet in a way slightly handsome) pope if a cousin, discordianism... These (the later especially), as a downside, lack in their utilization of the power of humor and settle for plain absurdity for absurditys sake. Hail Eris.

I might have lost track of what I wanted to express... I should have been asleep hours ago...

Keep calm, and banish with laughter everyone!
"Ars est celare artem"
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Re: A Distinct Dimension of the Psyche Missing From Occult Aspects

Postby Kavi » Thu Oct 20, 2016 11:45 pm

I was yesterday just thinking about humor and it's place within occult too. How funny! :D
Nevertheless, if so called "normal" negative, unlucky and stressful (and vice versa) events can be taken with humor, why couldn't it be the case with rest of life too as occultism seems not to be kind of hobby you will do only on Sunday mornings at twelve pm :D
And isn't it a type of exorcism in Bhutan where they ridicule and laugh the demon out of the victims body?

This Discordianism humor etc is as fra. Invitus put it - plain awkward, but somehow "Spectacles, testicles, brandy and cigar" sounds amusing to my ear. :)

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