Lucifer and the Imperishable Stone (Grail)

Questions directed to the Star of Azazel.
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Lucifer and the Imperishable Stone (Grail)

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In the 'Hymn to the Lord of the Throne' “the Imperishable stone” is mentioned, explained as the stone in the forehead of Lucifer, which became the grail. Basically my questions are: what is the grail in this instance, and what is the reason or myth behind it being in Lucifer's forehead? I initially thought some allusion to the Hindu third eye, but calling the grail a stone that sounds like it was put into (as opposed to grew from) the forehead is a strange expression, at least relating to how I perceive the mythology of the third eye anyway.

There is a myth regarding Thor having a whetstone (which roughly symbolised authority and wisdom) thrown into his head, after which he creates the Morning Star (Venus), but I'm guessing it doesn't relate to this?
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Re: Lucifer and the Imperishable Stone (Grail)

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That is a very good question, but I think that the complete answer to it would also be the greatest arcana disclosed. Some thoughts, though:

The sacred dual unity of the Star and the Stone is almost the same as the Rose and the Cross in the Rosicrucianism. Once again, the book Argarizim discusses it to some point. The two triangles which together form the chalice are the key: herein the Hieroglyphic Key has been turned (in the Lock), so the higher triangle is turned to point downwards, while the lower triangle has its one point up: in the middle of them there is the square-shaped Grail-Stone.

Comparing the Lucifer's stone to the third eye of the Hindu gods is not wrong at all. As we remember what was recently discussed under the topic of Azazel's name, it's understandable how the stone did not grow, but rather was placed in somewhere. (The Watcher is not the one who watches with the two eyes, but instead with the third.) The stone that is brought under the feet of the initiate when the Saturn & Jupiter meet in critical times is the one that fell from heaven. This is the turning of the Key. Then, something opens. Opening, the vault reveals the pentagonal Rose.

The third eye is not about seeing the ethereal or astral worlds, it's about seeing the world of the buddhi-manas. True, its outermost petals will even vibrate in answer to the astral if the adept so chooses, but that's not the mystery. The crocodiles seen or unseen in the muddy moat circling the square castle are no longer of interest of someone who has lowered the draw-bridge & gained access to the castle.

Lowering the draw-bridge is working with antahkarana to unite the kama-manas to the buddhi-manas. Symbolically, it's drinking from the wound of Lucifer-Christ, and because of that do the Christians take part of the Eucharist. It would work, if someone would be following the explicit orders of their master to their letter & spirit both. Neither the heart-wound of Christ (in his ascension to the cross) or the head-wound of Lucifer (in his descension to the cube) did actually kill the master.
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