Importance of Hate in Satanism

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Importance of Hate in Satanism

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wayfareangel wrote:But another question for the list! Why does the Catechism of Lucifer talk so much about hate? I was looking at the books on the wed pages, wanting to buy one, and the Catechism of Lucifer just talks so much about hate on the sample pages. Is this normal for the book? Or is it like how the Catholics use Fear to mean Respect? I could see it being used instead of Reject... maybe I'm over thinking.

Well there's this discussion about the subject already, mayhaps it can shed some light on this focus on hate in Satanistic philosophy like the one in the Catechism of Lucifer: Hate.

It should also be remembered that the Catechism of Lucifer is kind of an anti-book, rather than being a real "Catechism" (i.e. a book about the most important tenets) of the brotherhood.

Catechism of Lucifer wrote:It is somewhat daring to give forth this translated version of the Lucifer’s Catechism. Its structural form was adapted from the original Evangelical Lutheran catechism and its thoughts were often presented in a mockery of the said book. Many ideas were given as contrast values to the ones presented in the original text, thereby underlining the differences between them. This type of confrontation will lose much of its original idea and become something else that was meant when read separately from the original text. The form of this book is far from perfect and I can only hope it would bring more help than harm to those who “absorb and consider.” But as it is that we are here dealing with that greatest ambivalent principle of all, Satan, who forever and by His very nature defies being caged to any permanent category whatsoever, I just raise my hands in surrender and give forth this book, an object of devotion, bewilderment, hate or wonder, and give one final proposal to my readers: try and make out what is wise and true, what is folly and based on false glamour in this Catechism’s thoughts. Take the former, reject the latter.

Other thoughts about the possible emphasis of hate in the brotherhood's philosophy may be discussed under this topic.
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Re: Importance of Hate in Satanism

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This is a really important subject for me because hatred is just not something I understand. For those of you who missed another post I had made, I had a fairly abusive childhood, and the survival techniques and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder I developed resulted in my being unable to feel love, hate, or guilt. I have since regained my sense of love and guilt, but hatred has generally eluded me, and I have not gone searching for it because it could very well destroy me. However, I've had a lot of time for reflection lately, and since I asked a question about hate a few days ago, it has naturally been on my mind.

I think the place of hatred in Satanism lies in acknowledgment. From what I've gathered the primary core of Satanism is truth. One should not turn from the truth, no matter what it is. To do is is a slight against the very soul. This is the crux of the matter. So many groups, and religions revolve around the idea that we must ignore or eradicate some part of our nature in order to truly deserve, what I interpret to be, happiness and love. The issue is, of course, that human beings are flawed. We will always be flawed, no matter our efforts, and that is encouraged to be a shameful thing.

Hatred is one of the various things that go in to making us human. Like all aspects, it should not rule you, but denial of a thing does not make it go away. Hatred can do great things when used properly, such as topple empires and encourage people to challenge injustice. It is not something that deserves or should be maligned and hidden. As scholars and artists, and PEOPLE we have a duty to look this part of ourselves in the eyes and know that it's there.

I know there are other ways of looking at hatred, but as I said I have very little knowledge of it, so I've been focusing on it in the literal sense.

I think the thing that matters most about hatred and Satanism is that we are not a path built upon the encouragement of shame. We seek the truth, and the truth is that hatred is a part of nature (not just human nature considering it has been proven that dolphins can and will kill for fun).

There, my first intellectual contribution to this forum. I feel rather proud of myself. I hope I did well by this thread.
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