How do you imagine Satan?

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Re: How do you imagine Satan?

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Seeker666 wrote:
Sebomai wrote:I certainly have no objection to the use of images or icons in spiritual practice... religious and occult art is some of my favorite stuff in this life... but right now, I'm in a phase where I find it more comfortable to work without images. I'm sure eventually I will find myself using images again in my practice. If I search Google for Satanic art, I can often find a great many things that bring up various states of mind that are very conducive to my assorted work. But at this precise point in my life, no images are filling what needs to be filled within for me. When I say my daily morning prayers, where images might once have arisen, I tend to have feelings and inner sensations arise and, for me right now, those are my only workable representation of Satan. Sorry if this is all very vague, but it is hard to put into words something that can't be put in an image either. :)

very well put my friend... I hope to get to that point one day.
best of luck to you on your path.
Thank you very much. I don't think of it as a point to be reached, necessarily. Not for me, at least. I think of it more as an experience to be lived, to be learned from, and not held onto, just lived with for as long or as briefly as it lasts. It doesn't feel like any kind of a sign of spiritual advancement, at least not in the sense of having "reached" a spiritual goal. It just feels like part of a larger progress and a greater journey... I don't know where it is going or where it will take me but I'm sure it is meaningful in the overall picture of this life for me. The one thing about it that actively pleases me is that it is a sign that something inside is changing, hopefully growing and reaching more towards ascension than descension. I take signs of change as very positive unless I know with certainty that the changes have come about because of bad actions or choices on my part. :) And even then, they can be made positive if one acts in a way to correct those bad choices and behaviors. Making errors, sometimes even catastrophic ones, is the most sure way to learn and grow!
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