Reading circle (A.P.Sinnett - Esoteric Buddhism)

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Re: Reading circle (A.P.Sinnett - Esoteric Buddhism)

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As usual I'm a little late, but so it goes. I caught up and finished the remainder of the book today.

My many thanks to you Fra Nefastos and Fra Kenazis for the reading group. I found your commentary really informative, and I enjoyed reading the book a lot as well. I thought Sinnet did a good job of explaining most things, while at times it was a little clumsy and convoluted, but still - an informative and enjoyable read, which should help a lot with the Secret Doctrine going forward, at least with the basic concepts and ideas.

Thanks, all! :D
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Re: Reading circle (A.P.Sinnett - Esoteric Buddhism)

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Thank you all who participated. This book was interesting to read because most of the topics are things I haven’t read lot before, and also Things/perspectives I haven’t been very interested about (like those “eternal planetary chains”. Like the problems of my current being (and humanity now) would be not enough).
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