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Recommended audio books

Posted: Tue Jan 19, 2016 9:45 pm
by Heith
I rather recently stumbled into a audio book version of The Chymical Wedding. I remembered that Nefastos has mentioned said book so I decided to give it a go. So far I like it, and find it a surprisingly complex book despite it being quite short. I should like to listen to this again and to take some notes as there's some patterns that repeat and these might be important so I would better understand the symbolism of this book.

Audio books work really well for me as they allow me to work at the same time as I listen; I always listen to music when I work anyway, so might as well learn something while I'm at it.

If you have some audio books on the field of occultism that you could recommend, that would be great! They can be novels, or poetry too- but in the case of the latter the reader ought to have a pleasant voice.

Re: Recommended audio books

Posted: Fri May 08, 2020 6:13 pm
by Smaragd
Adam McLean, who has made a great number of alchemical presentations available to the world of today has been publishing interesting readings lately. About a month ago I tried to draw what was read from the pages of The Mystic Rose from the Garden of the King (Fairfax Cartwright, 1898), but couldn't keep up. It was still interesting experiment as I had to give special attention to the details and circle around the symbolism.