book of sitra achra standard edition

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Re: book of sitra achra standard edition

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Re: book of sitra achra standard edition

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[quote="Heith"]I would have to agree. There's a sense of elitism in these editions that I dislike. I can understand that one can't really make large quantities of this kind of books, because every publication is a financial risk. But I have a hard time understanding why cheaper options aren't offered. It seems a little unfair that if one doesn't happen to have extra 300 dollars in their pocket, they can't read the book. And I would never pay that kind of a sum for a book I have never even physically seen.[/quote]

That's what I like about Scarlet Imprint. All of their publications are available in unlimited paperback editions.

Personally, I never purchase the special editions etc. Books which I do not appreciate or find constructive I either sell - for the same price that I paid - or hand out as presents to friends whom I know will appreciate them. Books which I do appreciate, I read over and over. They end up with thumbed pages, worn covers and notes + underlines inside. That's my way of showing appreciation to both the author and the book itself.
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