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Re: "Augmentations"/Technological Modification

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See The World Sentient Simulation at Purdue university

see attached file

The man in charge is Dr. Alok Chaturvedi
*note Chaturvedi is a surname of the Brahman class, I love congruence!

Does this not beg the question "which is the simulation, my WSS node or myself?"
In relevance to the question of this thread, Would I consider a biomechanical component?

I think if it boils down to survival most beings would undergo fusion with mechanical. I myself have prosthesis already, if there was an intelligence component I likely would have acquiesced for better or worse. I'm sure it will seem natural to those without the perspective of a pre integration era.

It invariably seems as though a part of mans destiny is to find the world in which he lives a strange and unrelatable place far from the one in which he was born. Should he live long enough that is.

Does life phase in and out of an organic state? If so are we phasing out? One thing we can be certain of is that a competition for relevance and survival between man and machine will bring about a whole new meaning and purpose to mans existence.

When we look at Alpha Go and Alpha Go zero it is possible that machines may find even more creative ways to solve our deepest existential quandaries.

I don't mean to pose additional questions to be actually addressed merely to be contemplated. If anyone has seen the film "Upgraded" the end conclusion of biological host to machine consciousness seems highly likely. After all once one organism is integrated with a chip would it not set about producing more? Will we become hosts to a silicon parasite?

Also one might question if the mechanical or digital universe is yet another tsimtsum? One in some sort of artificial space where divine light is a half step further away? Is this digital step a step further away from or closer to the evolved state from which man supposedly has fallen? According to Theosophical notions mankind is on the upswing of its devolution. This would place AI and digital integration as an improvement for the better. A brother more knowledgeable might be able to address this on its own thread if compelling enough. Again I do not intend on moving away from the initial question of this thread, it is however a veritable Pandora's box...

No doubt the digital proposition and mans place in a digital future is to be the crowning issue of our lifetime.
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