How to Approach the Profane

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Re: How to Approach the Profane

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Rúnatýr wrote: Mon Jan 25, 2021 7:45 pm I know some people here don't like the word profane, but here I will use it to describe a completely worldly person with no conscious spiritual aspirations. For example: you meet a person educated into the scientistic mythology of our times, who openly or secretly is a nihilist, who believes we are no more than little evolved apes or cave men, for whom language is nothing but little evolved grunts, and who believes that the material world is a closed system, and for whom the concepts of the soul and spirit are a dead letter. How would you begin to talk about values, spirituality etc. without starting to theorize with difficult esoteric viewpoints? is the gap between spiritualists and such people too large to be breached?
I don't think so. You just described one of my dearest and closest friends, almost to the letter. But there is so much respect and love for one another that our discussions never veer into negative territory, even when opinions differ, which they almost always do. We work incredibly hard to understand one another, and I think that this is the key when discussing divisive topics. I don't know how I would respond to someone who was confrontational, and I consider myself lucky I've never really had to deal with that. Several of my friends are 100% scientific atheist, but we speak of spiritual matters very easily, and they've never been disrespectful of my spiritual alignment. So no, I don't think the gap is too large, but there must be mutual respect.
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Re: How to Approach the Profane

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Polyhymnia wrote: Mon Feb 01, 2021 5:44 amSo no, I don't think the gap is too large, but there must be mutual respect.
This is of course the most important point.
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